Auntie Lee’s Meat Pies – USA, 1992 – reviews

‘A black comedy about cannibalism… done tastefully’

Auntie Lee’s Meat Pies is a 1992 American comedy horror film directed by Joseph F. Robertson (co-writer of The Slime People and director of many adult movies) from a screenplay by producer and editor Gerald M. Steiner (Doctor Caligari). It stars Karen Black, Pat Morita,  Kristine Rose and Michael Berryman.

A devil-worshiping woman sends out her four beautiful nieces to lure men back to her place so they can be killed, ground up and sold as meat pies…

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“The thing looks cheap as dirt but there’s a spirit to this thing that keeps it interesting and kept me entertained even through the more monotonous parts. Plus, early on, there’s this fantastic decapitation scene that’s gotta be seen to be believed. It’s abrupt, violent and hysterical and really sets the bar for the film.  The nieces can’t act worth a damn but that’s not the point.” The Trash Cinema Collective

“Robertson’s direction is very workmanlike and yet oddly stylish by 1992 standards. Most of the film is very brightly lit (uncharacteristic for a horror film) and shot predominantly in medium shots. This ends up leaving you with the feeling that Robertson was unsure of how he wanted the final product to look. What is shot in “horror movie” style though comes off as cheap and wholly ineffective as a horror film.” Josh Hadley, Film Threat

“Mostly ineptly acted and shot on a shoestring budget in Fullerton, California, the film is neither funny nor horrific. In fact, the only shock here is the spirited participation of mainstream actors Karen Black and Pat Morita.” TV Guide



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