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Terrified – original title: Aterrados – is a 2017 Argentinian paranormal horror feature film written and directed by Demián Rugna (Cursed Bastards; co-writer of The Sinister). The movie stars Maxi Ghione, Norberto Amadeo Gonzalo and Elvira Onetto.

The film is being remade as an English-language movie produced by Guillermo del Toro and again directed by Rugna. Sacha Gervasi, whose credits include Hitchcock, has been named as the screenwriter.

Morbido 2017 Review: ATERRADOS (TERRIFIED), A Terrifyingly Fun Paranormal Shocker


Buenos Aires: A cop is called to a bizarre crime scene so requests the assistance of an old friend who has a penchant for the paranormal. When the pair discover that a number of homes are connected to a paranormal event the old friend calls upon his fellow enthusiasts and experts to investigate…


“It’s daring, fun, and absolutely thrilling. This doesn’t offer much in the way of a fully fleshed out plot with concrete answers, but it doesn’t need to. All Rugna wants to do is make sure you’re scared, and he wholeheartedly nails it.” Bloody Disgusting

“Although Terrified doesn’t do anything to truly blow away audiences, it is a very effective and very creepy horror movie. There are some great, lingering shots, and the camera doesn’t shy away from showing you what you want (or, I guess, don’t want) to see.” Flickering Myth

” …Terrified watches less like a classical narrative than a collection of different set-pieces loosely combined. Yeah, we get an explanation of sorts eventually (and it’s original too, even if it raises more questions than it answers), and in the second half there’s a proper protagonist. But even then, the cast are mostly kept apart from each other and left to fend for themselves.” Horror Cult Films

“Although, like some of the films it echoes,Terrified loses some of its edge the more it shows, it does achieve a couple of marvellous jump scares and yields significant frights from the bald, naked, malevolent figure that hides in wardrobes and watches the homeowner sleep at night.” Horrorscreams Videovault

“Long arms reach out of cracks to snap necks … something magnetic in a kitchen cupboard attracts cutlery, spearing someone’s hand to the underside so it can draw up the blood … desperate, but vicious ghosts are folded into cupboards or under the bed.  Effectively spooky stuff.” The Kim Newman Web Site

“Basically, even when Terrified is not exactly scary, it still keeps you guessing, engaged, and off-guard. Terrified is one of those movies that you and your friends will watch together, love, and then pass on to others. It’s original, it’s cool, and it’s super-scary.” io9

Terrified lacks any obvious subtext or reference beyond its own highly effective fear-mongering, but perhaps whether you see something – or nothing – hidden beneath its surface structure, “depends”, as Rosentok puts it, “on your point of view.” Certainly Rugna is expert in leaving the viewer mystified, confused and in precisely the state signified by his film’s title…” Projected Figures

“Rugna’s sense of timing is spot on in this flick. He understands how to get your attention and keep it long enough to the point where you are not begging for release. He gets you before that, and that is why Aterrados works so well as a scary flick but also very fun movie.” Screen Anarchy

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