DRACULA REBORN (2015) Reviews and overview

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‘Every bloodline has an end’

Dracula Reborn is a 2015 American supernatural horror film written and directed by Attila Luca, making his feature debut. It stars Tina Balthazar, Yves Carlevaris and Chloé Dumas.

Three news-hungry journalists travel to Transylvania hoping to uncover the truth about Dracula. To investigate the evil that protects his power they visit all the cemeteries in the area to decipher the signs and clues that are hidden within.

The investigators’ willingness to do anything to get the story draws them closer to true evil and deeper into havoc, and as they start to disappear one by one they realize that the search for the real Dracula will end up costing them their lives…


“Luca’s direction seems almost pedestrian and despite a somewhat reasonable budget the film looks incredibly cheap. As you would expect there are a few admirable vampire attacks but nothing stands out as the moments of bloodshed are entirely CGI which drags the quality of the film down even further.” Scream magazine

” …so mind-numbingly slow that you won’t be sure whether you fell asleep whilst watching. Along with the turgid pace, the score serves only to drown out yet further the mumbled and muted script, and the acting would look bad in a kindergarten play – especially that of Yves Neverbeeninanythingelse as “Corvinus” Pink Nigel

“There isn’t any lore I can really give you: vampires like cloaks, can walk in daylight and have a human and fanged/clawed form. The acting from Tina Balthazar seems so distant that it might come from a few miles outside the boundaries of the film – but that might be a fault of the material, which just doesn’t manage to tell a story.” Taliesin Meets the Vampires

“Luca delivers a cheap version, all locations wasted, and the usual CGI blood splatter […]  technical glitches or strange jump cuts (leaning to the latter one) and one-dimensional characters with poor dialogue…” The Horror Syndicate

Main cast:

  • Tina Balthazar … Hannah
  • Yves Carlevaris … Corvinus
  • Chloé Dumas … Emmy McGreedy – The Follower
  • Eric Kara … Christian
  • Michael Maricondi … Nate
  • Yannis Baraban … Xavier
  • Sarah Marshall … French Journalist
  • Sophie Mercier … Melanie
  • Ferencz Rozalia … Elizabeth Bathory

Film Facts:

Originally titled Drakula XO

This film should not be confused with Dracula: Reborn (2012), directed by Patrick McManus.

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