THE DEVIL’S TOY BOX (2016) Reviews

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The Devil’s Toy Box – aka Out of the Shadows – is a 2016 paranormal found footage horror film directed by Allen Kellogg who also stars alongside Meredith Kochan and Spencer Jay Kim. The movie is a sequel to Kellog’s 7 Nights of Terror (2011).

In 2010, six reality TV contestants entered an abandoned and haunted asylum known as the Madison seminary. All but one of the contestants, Carter Osborne, went missing.

In present day, a daughter of one of the contestants, Cynthia O’Neil, has enlisted the help of a television producer to go into the asylum to find out what happened to her father. The producer agrees under the condition that Carter goes back in alongside Cynthia.

Full of guilt for leaving the others behind, Carter reluctantly agrees as nothing in his life has been the same ever since. Carter, Cynthia and a small television crew once again enter the dark halls of the asylum. While they are looking for their loved ones, they find something much more sinister…


” …it’s an impressive sequel with a whole bag of demented treats and some great writing. The Devil’s Toy Box takes the groundwork in Kellogg’s 7 Nights of Terror and pushes everything further, proving he can make a surprising entry to the overcrowded documentary horror genre.” Scott Clark, Starburst

“Granted, as the final reel edges to a conclusion that’s shrouded in darkness and lit by the green tint of night vision, it does at least attempt to satisfy a fun-sized portion of our horror urges, even if it means blocking out the cacophony of wails and screams to make it to the end credits.” Dave Wain, The Schlock Pit

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“Good pace, some good actors/some not so good, intelligent enough directing and well thought out cinematography. The paranormal found footage niche is certainly overcrowded, but Kellogg has twice proven that he can hold his own with this type of picture.” Chris Evans, Top Found Footage Films

Main cast:

  • Allen Kellogg
  • Meredith Kochan
  • Spencer Jay Kim
  • Ashley Bossard
  • Sean Manos
  • Larry Nehring
  • Greg Del Torto
  • Kylie Edison
  • Kristi Michelle Fox
  • Jason Klingensmith
  • Derek Koger
  • Brooke Morrison

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