THE AMERICAN SCREAM (1988) Reviews and overview

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‘It’s a tradition’

The American Scream is a 1988 American comedy horror feature film written and directed by Mitchell Linden (his sole feature). The movie stars Pons Maar, Jennifer Darling and Matthew Borlenghi.

Everybody’s average family: Two unmanageable teens, a stress riddled, bumbling father, and his ever present whining wife – Meet the Benzigers. They think they’re taking a trouble free trip to a mountain resort… Think again!

This winter wonderland is a perfect setting for the evil rituals and unorthodox traditions that take place. This is no holiday! It’s holy hell and no one has a prayer. A bloody transformation of roles turns the tortured teens into adults themselves. Some kids would kill to be adults. These kids may have to…


“It’s done so poorly and it’s just beyond strange. The characters are all dumb. The dad is one of the most annoying people ever. No-one reacts to what’s going on like a normal human would. It attempts humor but fails. Just an odd movie.” Lynden Clark, Letterboxd

“There’s a decent amount of blood shed and a fun decapitation scene with a wink. Then there’s an icky blood and snot combination. Neither of these things could save this film. Not even Edy Williams nor Debra Lamb. Most of these scenes were filmed in slow motion. I guess the director was trying to be artsy?” Rebekeh Herzberg, Geek Juice Media

“Not only are the characters obnoxious, annoying and stupid, but the tone of the entire film is highly inconsistent. Neither the comedy nor the horror works, the scenes transitions are awful and the supernatural aspects to the story are barely even established. T&A is provided by at least four different women…” The Bloody Pit of Horror

Main cast: 

Pons Maar (The Blob; Dead Heat), Jennifer Darling, Matthew Borlenghi, Riley Weston, Kevin Kaye, Jeanne Sapienza, James Cooper, George ‘Buck’ Flower, Bob Buchholz, Constance Pfeifer, Blackie Dammett, Warren Cann, Bill Johnson, Jack Jozefson, Ron Lavery.

Film Facts:

Director and writer of The American Scream Mitchell Linden was ‘best boy grip’ for Red Hot Chili Peppers’ ‘Under the Bridge’ music video

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