THE EXORCISM OF ANNA ECKLUND (2016) Reviews and overview

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‘Deliver her from evil’

The Exorcism of Anna Ecklund is a 2016 British supernatural horror film written and directed by Andrew Jones (The Revenge of Robert the Doll; Werewolves of the Third Reich; The Amityville Asylum; et al). The North Bank Entertainment production stars Lee BaneTiffany Ceri, and Jeff Raggett.

Something beyond comprehension is happening to wife and mother Anna Ecklund. Once a mild mannered churchgoer, she is now prone to bouts of violent rage with a particular anger toward religious imagery.

Desperate to find a cure for Anna’s disturbing behaviour, her family call on doctors and psychiatrists to provide a diagnosis. But when no rational explanation can be found, local priest Father Riesinger teams up with Vatican investigator Father Lamont to evaluate the case.

Realising that Anna is inhabited by a malevolent entity, the priests take her to a nearby Convent to perform an exorcism…

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” …looks like it was shot in quasi-documentary stock, meaning not quite real-time stock and not quite movie stock. As a result, audiences might feel confused about the type of film they are supposed to be watching. In spite of the mismatched look, the pacing was well done…” Jason Rhode, Cryptic Rock

“Considering the budgetary constraints, the actual exorcism scene will likely draw a collective sneer of disdain from the box-office-bred masses, but – all things considered – I think it’s a triumph. With a lush red tint that permeates the scene, and some handy foley work to boot, it’s a definite highlight…” Dave Wain, The Schlock Pit

“The film has nothing new to offer, but it can’t even make its blatant recycling look good. Anna’s demonic makeup is bland, her bodily contortions are limp, and even her shrieking has about as much enthusiasm as any of the other sleepwalking performances on show. It relies heavily on the audience finding the mere idea of possession frightening…” Samantha McLaren, Scream magazine

“This film doesn’t rely on massive special effects and dramatic CGI – but this does not leave it lacking, and nor is it needed! – this actually lends an authentic feel to it. It is actually the character-led story that brings the film to life, that makes it matter. It doesn’t need the distraction of anything but the story itself.” Study Paranormal

Cast and characters:

Lee Bane … Father Richard Lamont – Werewolves of the Third ReichCabin 28The Curse of Robert the DollPoltergeist Activity; et al
Tiffany Ceri … Anna Ecklund – The Curse of Robert the DollTheatre of Fear
Jeff Raggett … Father Theo Reisinger
Judith Haley … Mother Superior
Rik Grayson … Jacob Ecklund
Claire Carreno … Sister Abigail
Sarah Tempest … Sister Madeline
Melissa Bayern … Laura
Stefano Reali … Monsignor Lamberto

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