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‘The doctor will see you now’

Harvest of the Dead is a 2015 British horror anthology feature film directed by Peter Goddard (Clownsploitation; Maniacal; Any Minute Now; Season of the Witch; et al) and Sam Mason-Bell (Home Videos and sequel; Toxic Schlock; The 12 Slays of Christmas; et al) from a screenplay by Terence Elliott and Peter Goddard. The Devils Avalanche Films production stars Fiona Fox, Holly Ransom and Hannah Coley.


Four teenagers, Amy, Melissa, Hailey and Tess, venture out into the British countryside for a weekend camping. After a while, it becomes clear that they are not alone as an unknown figure watches them.

The first night they sit around the campfire and tell each other scary stories. One involves a strange video they saw on the internet, another involves possessed pumpkins and the final tells the tale of The Plague Doctor.

Slowly, over the next day, each girl is killed, one by one, until only Amy survives. Drugged, she awakes in a strange room and suddenly the real terror begins…

Harvest of the Dead is released on DVD by Video Music on September 11, 2018.

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“Pumpkin Pie is a particularly haunting short and the film does have enough variety to entertain any horror fan however they do also vary in quality, not through their story but again, reflect on the tight budget that becomes obvious at times. Despite this, there is plenty of entertainment…” Martyn Wakefield, Bloodguts

Harvest of the Dead is a fun and gruesome addition to the slasher genre. The movie benefits from not taking itself too seriously whilst splashing out copious amounts of the claret for the hungry gore hounds. Fans of Goddard’s previous work might regard this as his greatest hits package. It reflects on the same issues and styles as before but also injects a healthy splatter of humour.” David Gillespie, Horror Cult Films

Cast and characters:

  • Fiona Fox … Amy Summers
  • Holly Ransom … Haley Mills
  • Hannah Coley … Melissa Smart
  • Julie Grant … Tess Pitt
  • Tim Faraday … Henry Moore
  • James Parr … Toby Moore
  • Laura Covey … Kayleigh Taylor
  • Lee Craven … Gary the photographer
  • Gemma Wilks …The Creature
  • Abby Wareham …Tia McCulloch

Filming locations:

New Forest, Hampshire, England


The film’s working title was The Devil’s Harvest

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