GET GONE (2019) Reviews and overview [updated]


Get Gone
is a 2019 American horror film written and directed by Michael Thomas Daniel. The movie stars Lin Shaye, Weston Cage, Robert Miano and Bradley Stryker.


A hoax busting group go on a team-building retreat to Whiskey Flats, Oregon. They run into trouble as they cross paths with an invasive drilling company that is warring with a very private family…


“All of the actors are saddled with clunky dialogue, including some particularly cringe-inducing attempts at sexu@l harassment-related comic relief […] The fracking angle hints at a level of social commentary that could have added some valuable subtext to an otherwise formulaic story, but Get Gone isn’t remotely coherent enough to espouse a compelling point of view.” Crooked Marquee

“Performances are as clueless (in character) as they are unenthusiastic, narrative flow hacked to bits, and budgetary constraints only ever a hindrance that Michael Thomas Daniel fails to conquer. It’s a slasher film that only understands the simplest formula of the subgenre – stalk and kill […] A run-through-the-motions that’s one long sustained yawn.” Flickering Myth

” …unoriginal, unimaginative redneck slasher retread […] Even with the glorious Lin Shaye in a prominent role, Get Gone is merely just another slasher movie with a backwoods setting.” Horror Media

“The redneck family isn’t particularly well assorted, and the actors constituting it sometimes look silly. Weston Cage Coppola makes every scene he’s in feel like a comedy. Michael Thomas Daniel wrote and directed Get Gone, and he did an impressive job with an empty resume.” Tales of Terror

Cast and characters:

Lin Shaye … Mama – Herbert West: Re-Animator; The Midnight Man; Director’s Cut; Jack Goes Home; Tales of Halloween; Insidious franchise; Wes Craven’s New Nightmare; et al
Weston Cage … Patton Maxwell – Circus Kane; Raven
Robert Miano … Don Maxwell – Exorcism at 60,000 Feet; The Cloth; Giallo; You’re So DeadFirestarter
Bradley Stryker … Grant – Land of Smiles; iZombie TV series; The Lizzie Borden Chronicles TV series; Supernatural TV series; Final Stab; The Brotherhood
Caitlin Stryker … Connie
Rico E. Anderson … Ranger Rico
Silvia Spross … Silvia Surveyor
Stefan Hajek … Grady Greer
Adam Bitterman … Craig Eubanks
Michael McBee … Roughneck
John Henry Whitaker … Foreman
Brittany Benita … Rene
Emily Shenaut … Abbey Rose
Bailey Coppola … Apple Maxwell
Cory Crouser … Kyle Hamm


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