Ghost Mask: Scar – Japan | South Korea, 2018 – overview

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”Can beauty make you happy?’

Ghost Mask: Scar – original title: Gôsuto masuku: kizu is a 2018 Japanese-South Korean mystery horror film photographed, edited and directed by Takeshi Sone (Bloody Wedding; photographer of One Cut of the Dead) from a screenplay by Etsuo Hiratani. The movie stars Yurika Akane, Yuha Lee, Sou Hirosawa and Sayuri Itô.


Japanese Miyu (Yurika Akane) is in South Korea searching for her missing sister (Miya Sakimoto). She meets beautiful Hana Kim (Yuha Lee), a famous plastic surgeon who lives with jealous Hyoshin (Sou Hirosawa). The latter tries to kill Miyu. In doing so, she reveals a terrifying secret…

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“The female dynamic of the movie is one of its strengths, with Lee Yuha making the biggest impression as a flawless face-changer with her own problems hidden deep beneath that smile. Everyone else is decent […] At 81 mins it doesn’t out stay its welcome and sustains an atmosphere with the style and efficiency expected from its grim but elegant subject matter.” The Hollywood News

“It’s a mosaic mystery, with its backstory jumbled and told out of order – so audiences have to pay close attention and piece it together themselves […] It shifts into Audition territory with a sustained, gruesome finale in which (it’s no spoiler) faces are sliced and old wounds reopened with arterial sprays and high-style ranting performances.” The Kim Newman Web Site

Ghost Mask – Scar is an absolutely remarkable movie. The concept was impeccable, the story was original and timely and the unpredictability was brilliant […] There was love, drama, mystery, horror, and suspense thriller all together in this movie, something you would not expect at first.” Utah Film Festival and Awards



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