IT’S JUST A GAME (2018) New poster, trailer and release news


‘She has been summoned’

It’s Just a Game is a 2018 American supernatural horror feature film about an evil witch written and directed by Daniel Emery Taylor (Paranormalice; Camp Massacre; The Hospital and sequel). The Debtor Entertainment movie stars Hannah Cohen-Lawlor, Leah Hudspeth, Alex Zuko, Rachel Marshall, G. Larry Butler and Alicia Clark.

“This is the twisted tale of a young girl kidnapped by a bizarre theatre cult intent on summoning the spirit of an ancient witch…”

Director Daniel Emery Taylor has commented: “I wanted to present something that nobody else could: something born solely in my mind. Sure, you can see my influences – you can see the Argento, the Refn, the Raimi, the Hitchcock – but I am pleased that what I have is uniquely Daniel Emery Taylor.”

He continues: “The biggest complaint I hear from horror fans is that they want something new. Well, I’m bringing them something new.”


Wild Eye Releasing will distribute It’s Just a Game in October 2020 in time for Halloween.