IT’S JUST A GAME (2018) Supernatural horror movie

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‘She has been summoned’
It’s Just a Game is a 2018 American supernatural horror film about an evil witch written and directed by Daniel Emery Taylor (Paranormalice; Camp Massacre; The Hospital and sequel).

The Debtor Entertainment movie stars Hannah Cohen-Lawlor, Leah Hudspeth, Alex Zuko, Rachel Marshall, G. Larry Butler and Alicia Clark.

“This is the twisted tale of a young girl kidnapped by a bizarre theatre cult intent on summoning the spirit of an ancient witch…”


Director Daniel Emery Taylor has commented: “I wanted to present something that nobody else could: something born solely in my mind. Sure, you can see my influences – you can see the Argento, the Refn, the Raimi, the Hitchcock – but I am pleased that what I have is uniquely Daniel Emery Taylor.”

He continues: “The biggest complaint I hear from horror fans is that they want something new. Well, I’m bringing them something new.”

“This makes great use of its $50,000 budget and lean 70-minute running time. There’s plenty of bloody mayhem — indeed, I’ve never seen two killers aardvark on the dead bodies of the teenagers they just murdered — to go around for even the most jaded of horror fans.” B&S About Movies

“As written and directed by Daniel Emery Taylor (who should not appear in one of his movies again, should he endeavour to make more), the jumbled mess of a script is talky, melodramatic and boring but the direction features some nicely artistic shots, though it is overly reliant on cheap camera tricks. The final death was fun and effective…” The Movie Waffler

“Basically, It’s Just a Game is a fun genre flick, one that combines elements from slasher, home invasion and Satanic cult movies that has all the shocks, the suspense, the violence, and even the humourous bits in all the right places and concentrates on a handful of relatable characters to keep the viewer engaged throughout.” Search My Trash

Wild Eye Releasing released It’s Just a Game in October 2020 in time for Halloween.


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