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‘They’re coming fur you’
Furry Nights is a 2016 American horror film written, edited and directed by J. Zachary Thurman (short: 35mm).

The movie stars Keith Dowsett, Amelia Haklerod, Allison Joy McDaniel, Maddison Stroud and J. Zachary Thurman.

When a group of teenagers venture into the woods, they stumble upon a group of ‘furries’ (people that dress up as animals for fornication fun). Accidentally mistaking one for a real animal leads to a tragic accident.

The furries, led by the brutal Mr Fox, launch an all-out assault on the youths. Can the teens survive the revenge of the furries?


“It has some fine camerawork, sound design, and lighting going on. Yet, its acting and editing range from coarse to fine. The scares are standard, and capable of some chills. Though, its silly scenes are more likely to stick in the audience’s heads than the brutal ones. People expecting something more serious, either in premise or fear factor, are not going to find much here.” Cryptic Rock

“I loved the idea for this one and I am pleased that it turned out more or less just as I hoped it would. While it would have been nice to have more fleshed-out characters, and while the humour sometimes does get in the way of the horror overall this was a unique feeling diamond in the rough.” The Rotting Zombie

“We are led to believe that these are not costumes and that the killers are some kind of hybrid humanoids. Let’s just call it slapstick comedy and move on. The score, on the other hand, is good and immersive. The pacing is perfect.” Tales of Terror

“There are a few fumbles in the filmatistic storytelling […] On the other hand, the pacing is good and quick, most of the acting is decent for an inexperienced cast, the ending is really well done, and the score by rookie Marshall Coats is strong, especially the main theme, which had me thinking of The Island of Dr Moreau with its primitive percussion and weird animal sounds.” Vern’s Reviews

“We’ve had killers in animal costumes before of course, but never a group of them, at least not that I can recall. They also stay in character which pushes the creepy meter up quite a bit. They talk in distorted voices and animal sounds that match their characters […] Done wrong it could have been silly, but it’s actually quite unnerving and disturbing.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:
Keith Dowsett … Mark
Amelia Hakleroad … Hannah
Allison Joy McDaniel … Jessica
Maddison Stroud … Maddie
J. Zachary Thurman … Jack / Kangaroo Jack

Technical details:
72 minutes

$15,000 (estimated)


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