ASIH 2 (2020) Indonesian haunting horror sequel


Asih 2 is a 2020 Indonesian horror feature film about a female ghost that haunts a little girl. It is obviously a sequel to Asih (2018) and forms part of the Danur movie universe.

Directed by Rizal Mantovani (Rasuk 2; Kuntilanak; Tembang Lingsir; JailanGkung; Wewe; et al) from a screenplay written by Lele Laila (KKN Di Desa Penari; Danur franchise) based on a story co-written by Adam Ripp and Paul Todisco and a novel by Risa Saraswati. Produced by Manoj Punjabi.

The MD Pictures-Pichouse Films movie stars Shareefa Daanish (May the Devil Take You Too; Danur: I Can See Ghosts; Takut: Faces of Fear), Marsha Timothy (The Forbidden Door), Ario Bayu (Gundala; Impetigore; The Queen of Black Magic), Anantya Rezky, Ruth Marini, Graciella Abigail, Ully Triani, Darius Sinathrya, Marini Marini, Ingrid Widjanarko, Kenya Nindia and Sarah Presli.


A child running in the forest is hit by a car and rushed to a hospital.

Sylvia (Marsha Timothy), who looks after the child, feels sorry to see the six-year-old girl’s condition and finally talks to Razan (Ario Bayu), her husband. According to Sylvia, the presence of small children in their home might be able to restore the warmth of the family after her own child’s death.

Sylvia is very happy with the presence of the child who is finally named Ana (Anantya Rezky). Soon, strange events began to enter their house. Moreover, Mbok, who is Sylvia’s neighbour’s nanny, also senses a presence in the house. Mbok even felt something was wrong with Ana.

One night, Sylvia discovers that not only did she bring Ana home, but also Asih, the ghost of a woman who had been Ana’s foster mother for six years.


Asih 2 will be released in Indonesia on 24th December 2020.


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