THE TENANTS aka INQUILINOS (2018) Reviews and overview


The Tenants – original title: Inquilinos – is a 2018 Mexican supernatural horror feature film directed by Chava Cartas from a screenplay by Juan Carlos Garzón and Angélica Gudiño. The movie stars Erick Elias, Danny Perea, Dagoberto Gama, Noé Hernández, Gabriela Roel and Camila Selser.


Luzma (Danny Perea) and Demián (Erick Elias), a young couple, have just moved to an old neighbourhood trying to leave behind an incident that torments them. Hopeful, they do their best to make this change as an opportunity to start over.

However, Luzma begins to discover that their neighbours hide terrible secrets that lead to paranormal phenomena; which leads Demian to start believing that Luzma is losing her mind…

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“The story of a haunting in a new home is very familiar but adds a regional accent to this Mexican import. Inquilinos may be too slow-paced for some viewers but the tenants of this new home have an unexpected turn of madness awaiting them that is worth sticking around for.” Without Your Head


Inquillinos was released in Mexico on 2 November 2018.

Filming locations:

Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Fun Facts:

This movie should not be confused with The Lodgers (2017), which was released in Spanish-language territories as Los inquilinos