HUMAN HIBACHI (2020) Reviews and overview


Human Hibachi is a 2019 American found-footage horror film about a man filming his girlfriend’s 35th birthday on his phone. What he captures throughout the night are the most disturbing human acts imaginable…

Written and directed by Mario Cerrito III (The Listing; Deadly Gamble). The movie stars Wataru Nishida, Andrew Hunsicker and Zachary Pun Chung.

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“If Blood Feast and Hostel had a baby, Human Hibachi would be that baby’s first home video. If you are a fan of gore and found footage films, and can get past the lack of atmosphere or suspense, you might just enjoy this one.” Camp and Carnage

” …firstly, some of the acting is truly diabolical, not least from the members of a party of businessmen who turn up late on, sharing congratulations on sales figures over a human liver or two. Secondly, even in its ninety-minute run time there is a massive amount of padding […] To be fair there are good elements too, notably the skilful ratcheting of tension in the first half and some very good practical gore…” Horror News

” …a solid start to the film but the small talk and hearing the character recording the film narrate himself through each scene was a bit of a bore. It’s not until the second act that the film picks up. Here it does drag its feet but we find much of the film’s humor and horror. It works but doesn’t have to be as long as it is either.” Horror Society

” …in a more affluent, modern, technologically advanced, science-based society, what could possibly motivate one man to eat another? That’s what so interesting about Human Hibachi. Cerrito’s strength has always been his writing and the fact that he has absolutely no reservations about making the unconventional conventional.” Pop Horror

” …when the film shifts from suspense piece to biting (and very dark) social commentary, giving voice to its villains – and their rather mundane conversations only make their deeds much more sickening and add to the film’s macabre qualities. Now granted, this is not a film for everybody, and even if it’s not an outright comedy, a very dark sense of humour sure helps, but for those inclined, it sure deserves a watch!” Search My Trash

Cast and characters:

Wataru Nishida … Jin Yamamoto
Andrew Hunsicker … John Mitchell
Zachary Pun Chung … Aikio
Carley Harper … Meghan Cole
Elizabeth Gaynor … Katie Williams
Sopheaktra Theng … Reo Suzuki
Carmine Giordano … Brian S.
John Campanile … Phil Maxwell
Stafford Chavis … Bobby Shields
K. Andrew Deffley … Police Officer
Jeff Alpert … Doug Patrick
Kathryn Drewes … Boutique employee
Lauren O’Brien … Hair Dresser
Jeanette Pacifico … Bartender
Anthony F. Cicali III … Diner manager

Filming locations:

The Reef, Wilmington, Delaware
Mantua and Riverside, New Jersey


Due to its distasteful subject matter, Human Hibachi was apparently removed from Amazon Prime after complaints from customers.

Fun facts:

Hibachi is a grilling technique that originated in Japan. Typically, meats, seafood and vegetables are cooked on a large, flat-top grill made of sheet metal or cast iron.


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A painfully boring first hour of found-footage tedium beset with appalling audio which gives way to more drawn-out mundane footage at the supposedly shocking feast. Human Hibachi might have been bearable at half its length but even then there wouldn’t be enough material here for a feature film.