Foster Home Seance – USA, 2018 – overview


Foster Home Seance is a 2018 American supernatural horror feature film directed by Frank Powers (Cemetery Stories; Shadow Minds), who also stars, from a screenplay by co-producer Gonzalo Robles. The movie also stars Michelle Martinez, Gonzalo Robles, Jack Lutz and Myka Puentes.


In the late 1980s a foster home is stricken with a suicide tragedy and the children are sent to separate foster homes once the home is shut down.

Thirty years later, the death of one of the foster brothers reunites the group back at the very place it all started. Missing the recently deceased foster brother the group decides to contact him through a seance. Because of lack of spiritual experience, the seance goes horribly wrong and instead they summoned a far worse beast, or did they?

Cast and characters:

  • Frank Powers … Tommy
  • Michelle Martinez … Allyson
  • Gonzalo Robles … Aaron
  • Jack Lutz … Issac
  • Myka Puentes … Mikey
  • Jerry Walker … Joey
  • Kassidy Powers … Kassidy
  • Elizabeth E. Gonzalez … Miss Janice
  • Julz Martinez IV … Julz
  • J.R. Flores … Officer Cortez
  • Allyson Hernandez … Young Allyson
  • J.D. Hernandez … Young Tommy
  • Santiago Flores … Young Issac
  • Miguel Puentes II … Young Mikey
  • Aaron Bellman … Young Aaron

Filming locations:

El Paso, Texas

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