THE INVOKING 5: PHANTOMS (2018) Reviews and overview

‘Fear comes full circle’

The Invoking 5: Phantoms is a 2018 American paranormal horror feature film directed by Dominic Smith from a screenplay by Joshua Campbell, Zach Lorkiewicz and Helen Shang. The movie stars Bel Deliá, Camron Robertson and Jennifer van Heeckeren.

The film is comprised of a 2016 short, Scratch, plus other material which may or may not be new. It does not seem to have any connection with other Invoking movies. This post will be updated with more information when available.

“In the latest chapter of the chilling horror franchise, The Invoking 5: Phantoms, paranormal events are captured around the globe in what might be the largest scale haunting ever recorded in human history.”

Reviews [click links to read more]:

“As a patchwork anthology, The Invoking: Phantoms is decidedly average. But examine each piece individually and sincere effort is easier to appreciate. Each plot’s purpose might not be immediately evident, but the filmmakers clearly have goals in mind, even if restricted resources leave their shorts in a low-budget lurch.” Culture Crypt

Cast and characters:

  • Bel Deliá … Lily – Scratch; The Ghost – shorts
  • Alexandra Bard … Demon Double
  • Jennifer van Heeckeren … Mystery Blonde
  • Camron Robertson … John – Absentia
  • Kate Avery … Lily Double


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