Revenge of the Spacemen – USA, 2014 – reviews


Revenge of the Spacemen is a 2014 American science fiction comedy horror feature film directed by Jay Summers from a screenplay by Conor Duffy. The movie stars Beth Albrecht, Danny Bass and Benny Benzino.


Aliens descend onto earth in a flying saucer, leaving a few witnesses in a small redneck town in a state of shock. Unable to convince other backwater locals that what they saw was more than a hallucination, the witnesses embark on a mission to find proof of the extraterrestrial invasion.

When the gang turns up a couple of missing backwater cretins who recount their tales of probing alien abduction, compounded with a seriously out of this world case of gas, townspeople finally start to believe. The noxious gases go from unbelievable to unbearable, and it takes a boozy backyard standoff to eradicate the extraterrestrial terror…


Revenge of the Spacemen is released on Blu-ray disc by Troma Entertainment on February 12, 2019.


“For all the schlock, Revenge of the Spacemen has some decent amateur acting.  I thought the core group delivered convincing lines (there were a few stumbles) […] I would have preferred the film played more subtle (the opening scenes of the spacemen in shadow are effective), with diminutive aliens not prominently shown.” Monster Minions

Cast and characters:

  • Beth Albrecht … Alien
  • Danny Bass … Catfish Bob
  • Benny Benzino … Eddie
  • Bogusia Chmielewski … Nurse Cratchet
  • Kathie Dice … Aunt Edna
  • Logan Fry … Doc Wylie
  • Diann Gorsuch … Woman in Black
  • B.J. Halsall … Hippie Dude
  • Brianna Harding … Betty Sue Johnson
  • Alex Hartshorn … Alien
  • Adrian James … Alien
  • Craig James … Cab Driver
  • Tanner James … Alien
  • Janet Jay … Janet
  • Kayla McDonald … Liz

Filming locations:

Medina, Ohio

Fun Facts:

The budget was just $150,000.