Amityville: Mt. Misery Road – USA, 2018 – reviews

‘Something is going wrong in these woods…’

Amityville: Mt. Misery Road – formerly Mt. Misery Road – is a 2018 American found footage horror feature film directed by and starring Chuck and Karolina Morrongiello from a story by the former. Curtis Wyka also stars.


Charlie and his girlfriend Buzi are ghost enthusiasts fascinated by the legend of the oldest and scariest road in America – Mt. Misery Road located in Long Island, New York. This road and the surrounding woods are believed to be haunted and cursed for hundreds of years.

From the old asylum that was burnt down by a deranged patient named Mary that still roams the woods today, to the spirits and voices of asylum patients crying and moaning through their suffering still heard echoing in the woods, to the hellhound with his red glowing devilish eyes and the moth man sighted flying in the trees. The couple loves all these stories.

When being warned by a random drunk they met in a bar to stay away from there, they still make plans to visit the road, get spooked and have fun.

The couple continues their happy adventure until they realise they got into the whirlpool of paranormal activities in the evil woods. The old uneasy spirits from the burnt asylum, ghosts and creatures imprison them…


“The acting isn’t terrible and the picture is the right quality for the film’s budget. The last twenty minutes are pretty creepy, the story of the road itself is enticing […] Chuck and Karolina produced a horror film that doesn’t need to rely on gore and jump scares, and although it’s tame with its material, it paints a very different picture of Long Island than the one we’re used to.” Horror Society

Cast and characters:

  • Karolina Morrongiello … Buzi
  • Chuck Morrongiello … Charlie
  • Curtis Wyka … Curt
  • Lloyd Goldstein … Mike Gallagher
  • Joey Laspina … Loner in the woods

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