Space Clown – USA, 2013 – overview


‘Who’s laughing now?’

Space Clown is a 2013 American science-fiction comedy horror feature film written. edited, photographed and directed by filmmaker and actor Graham Skipper (director of Sequence Break; producer of The Mind’s Eye; actor in Dementia: Part II; Bad Apples; Beyond the Gates; Almost Human; et al).

The Basement Productions movie stars Jordann Baker, Brian Joseph Gillespie and Jeffrey Glaser.


A filmmaker is jarred from his sleep in the middle of the night by the appearance of a strange extraterrestrial being, who happens to also be a clown.

He grabs his video camera and documents the weird, violent, and surreal torments of this terrifying alien creature who has landed on earth only for the sheer pleasure of inflicting pain and suffering on humanity…

Cast and characters:

  • Jordann Baker … Jordann
  • Brian Joseph Gillespie … Brian
  • Jeffrey Glaser … Jeff
  • Paul Guyet … Cop’s Voice
  • Vein Huge … The Man from Detroit
  • Josh LaCasse … Clown
  • Graham Skipper … Graham


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