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Kuntilanak is a 2018 Indonesian supernatural horror feature film directed by Rizal Mantovani (Tembang Lingsir; JailanGkung; Wewe; et al) from a screenplay by Alim Sudio (Rasuk; Taring). It is a reworking of Mantovani’s 2006 film of the same name, except the protagonists are now children. The movie stars Sandrinna Michelle, Aurélie Moeremans and Fero Walandouw.


Five youngsters agree to explore an abandoned house in order to win a reality show contest, which requires them to prove that the stories of the evil Kuntilanak are real. They soon discover that the ghost is very real when it appears from an antique mirror and starts haunting them…

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“Despite a few minor areas that aren’t as detrimental as they could be and plenty of far more enjoyable work elsewhere throughout here, this emerges as a wholly thrilling and enjoyable effort.” Don’s World of Horror and Exploitation

“The performances are fine but the yearning for something new, or to be surprised, is overcome by the knowledge that you just want this movie to end. At one point one of the young children puts her hands on the static television for no significant reason at all but to add to Rizal Mantovani‘s checklist for creepy elements to add to the movie.” Ready Steady Cut!

“It would’ve been impressive if it had pulled off the whole ‘The Grudge with an 80’s Speilberg vibe’ motif it had going on, but it showed so little restraint that it worked better as a parody than a horror movie.” Terror Spective


Kuntilanak is currently available for streaming via Netflix in certain territories.

Image credits: Don’s World of Horror and Exploitation

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