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‘The solstice is coming’

The Harvesting aka Soul Harvest is a 2016 American supernatural horror feature film directed by Ivan Kraljevic from a screenplay written by Ben Everhart. The movie stars Chris Conner, Elena Caruso, Jennifer Gareis, Jack Buckley and Alex Yurcaba.


Jake (Chris Conner), Dinah (Elena Caruso) and their children take a summer trip to Amish country for a change of pace.

On their first night there, the ghost of Amos Zook (Jack Buckley), an axe murderer, visits the old country home they are staying at and begins to invade their son’s fragile mind. The Amish, who were keeping the evil at bay while dealing with the fallout from the massacre, will not discuss the ghost’s presence with Jack and Dinah, forcing them to search for answers on their own.

As secrets from the past are revealed, will Jake learn how to fight the evil before the summer solstice arrives or will his family succumb to it and follow the evil into the unknown?

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“It isn’t elaborate and it isn’t loaded with awe inspiring special effects. However, what the film does offer are a handful of slick scares that might sneak right by you if you’re not watching closely. You’ll also get an assortment of memorable performances and an intricately assembled story loaded with eerie setups and sharp and unsympathetic scares.” Matt Molgaard, Addicted to Horror Movies

“What we have is an enjoyable slow-burner that dips more than one toe into the ‘folk horror’ category. The nature of the horror, together with the location and the family’s new neighbours provide a different spin on things. This, together with genuinely sympathetic characters, makes a superficially tame production worth seeing.” N.A. Parry,

” …it maintains a real sense of mystery while bringing some surprises out, especially with the linking of the two separate plots. Unfortunately though it can never truly deliver on the suggested horror, it always felt underwhelming to me which was a shame as the build up was always so clever…” Daniel Simmonds, The Rotting Zombie

” …Kraljevic succeeds in putting in place all the relevant chess piece of Ben Everhart’s tight script, as characters are given time to grow and a clear backstory is then able to emerge. The gradual erosion of the patriarch’s mental stability supplies the feature with a delicate increase in tension […] this was simply a maturely directed, subtle-natured horror movie.” Dave Wain, The Schlock Pit


The Harvesting was released by Vision Films on January 8, 2019, on Digital rent or buy across all platforms and on DVD.

In the UK, Matchbox Films released The Harvesting on DVD on 18 July 2016.

Cast and characters:

  • Elena Caruso … Dinah
  • Chris Conner … Jake
  • Jennifer Gareis … Sarah
  • Greg Wood … Grandfather
  • Noah Headley … Steven
  • Accalia Quintana … Michaela
  • Alex Yurcaba … Jacob
  • Jack Buckley … Amos
  • Hannah Close … Amish Girl
  • Elena Talan … Washer Woman
  • Hayden Saunier … Dour Amish Woman
  • Peter Patrikios … Elroy Dwyer
  • Zoe Bournelis … Mrs. Dwyer
  • Lexy Rutt … Dwyer Girl
  • Chase Rippon … Dwyer Boy

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