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‘Some secrets care worth killing for’

The Parish is a 2019 American horror feature film directed by David S. Hogan (actor in Z Nation TV series; The Device; Bigfoot, 2012) from a screenplay by Todd Downing. The Mighty Tripod Productions movie stars Angela DiMarco, Sanae Loutsis, Bill Oberst Jr. and Sara Coates.


Haunted by the death of her husband, Liz (Angela DiMarco) uproots her daughter Audrey (Sanae Loutsis) and moves them to a small town, where the real nightmares begin…


” …well made but unoriginal. Its cinematography, sound, and visual effects are slickly professional. But the story is nothing we haven’t seen many times before. There are no surprises. Worse, the attempts at scares are tepid.” Hollywood Investigator

“You can barely hear the characters, but other parts are damn near deafening at the same volume. I’m not sure if it was meant to be used to add tension or cause jump scares, but it’s absolutely aggravating. In the end, between the lackluster ending, the volume issues, and the complete lack of scares, I just wasn’t impressed with The Parish, but you may enjoy it.” Horror Fuel

“This film perfectly encapsulates the phrase, “progressively worse,” when referring to the third act. It is a terrifically great shame, especially with all of the greatness established early on. If The Parish had been in possession of an extra 20-30 minutes prior to its epic conclusion, then with a decent buildup, this film could have matched the quality of its opening with its ending with ease.” Nerdly

” …The Parish, despite being billed as a horror film is never scary. Sister Beatrice (Gin Hammond) isn’t particularly intimidating […] And with so many films featuring evil nuns in the last few years, she needed to be to stand out. Instead she, and the “angry people” are barely in the film. In fact, The Parish could have cut out the whole subplot about the ghosts, pitched itself as a drama and been better off.” Voices from the Balcony


In the USA, The Parish was released on DVD and Digital on March 16, 2021.

Cast and characters:

Angela DiMarco … Liz Charles
Sanae Loutsis … Audrey Charles
Bill Oberst Jr. … Father Felix – 3 from Hell; Lifechanger; Welcome to Hell; Ayla; Impuratus; Scream at the Devil; The Chair; Gnome Alone; et al
Sara Coates … Sandra Cassidy
Gin Hammond … Sister Beatrice
Jonathan Holbrook … Andrew
Amber Wolfe Wollam … Faye Phillips
Ray Tagavilla … Jason Charles
Ryan Sanders … Howard Stonewall
Lucas Oktay … Caleb
Obadiah Freeman … Dobbs
David S. Hogan … Officer Wilson
Darlene Sellers … Officer Thomas
Meg McLynn … Gail
Remi Abidoye … Afghan child
Shawn Loutsis … Uniform Cop


The Parish premiered at the 2019 Seattle Film Summit on November 16, 2019. Ignore the obviously fake 9/10 and 10/10 ‘user reviews’ posted on IMDb.


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