Shangri-La: Near Extinction – USA, 2018 – overview

‘Can you find it before they find you’

Shangri-La: Near Extinction aka Near Extinction is a 2018 American science fiction horror feature film written and directed by Nick Wauters. The movie stars Eric Szmanda, Sara Malakul Lane, Ewan Chung and Mercy Malick.


Mankind is nearly extinct. Most humans died from a deadly plague and the ice age they manufactured to eradicate it.

A man named Vargas leads a group of survivors on a quest to reach Shangri-La, the last safe haven on Earth. However, they must fight through the cold, a mutant cult and a pack of deadly creatures to get there…


Cast and characters:

  • Eric Szmanda … Vargas
  • Sara Malakul Lane … Pax / Dr Savatanand – The Domicile; Death Pool; Who’s Watching Oliver; Beyond the Gates; Shark Lake; Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse; Cowboys vs Dinosaurs; Pernicious; Sharktopus
  • Ewan Chung … Tai
  • Mercy Malick … Dr Jennifer Holliston
  • Patrick Batiste … Kalo
  • Josh Shibata … Aisa
  • Mykayla Sohn … Little Girl
  • Rocky Bonifield … Gyro
  • Martin Chan … Sun the Security Guard
  • Pamela Chau Pamela Chau … Reyna
  • Alexandre Chen … Captain Huang
  • Evangeline Crittenden … Private Brooks
  • MaryAnn DiPietro … Lux
  • Angel Garet … Aelis (Male Offering)
  • Irene Georgerian … Dr Amelia Hansteen

Production companies:

  • Incompass Media
  • Man on the moon productions
  • Pizza Box Entertainment

Technical credits:

95 minutes

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  1. I thought this was very very good! The surprise at the end was unexpected and really added something to the whole viewing experience! I really hope there is a sequel to this!

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