CURSE III: BLOOD SACRIFICE (1991) Reviews and not recommended

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‘Deep in the heart of darkness a nightmare is about to begin…’

Curse III: Blood Sacrifice – aka Panga – is a 1991 British-South African horror feature film directed by Sean Barton from a screenplay co-written with John Hunt, based on a story by Richard Haddon Haines. The Blue Rock Films movie was produced by Christopher Coy and stars Christopher Lee, Jenilee Harrison and Henry Cele.


East Africa, 1950: Elizabeth (Jenilee Harrison) has come to visit from America. She recently married sugar cane farm owner Geoff (Andre Jacobs) and is pregnant with their first child.

Ignoring the warnings of their foreman, Mletch (Henry Cele), she disrupts a native sacrificial ceremony to save a goat. The offended Witchdoctor (Dumi Shongwe) curses her and all those close to her…


“From the poor creature design to the half-assed script to Harrison’s hammy sitcom acting […] to the overwrought musical score, Curse III is just plain bad […] In typical cheesy horror fashion, the monster is an unstoppable killing machine until it comes time to kill the heroine, at which point it turns into a bumbling Stooge.” Black Horror Movies

“I like that the people involved with this production took the material seriously, instead of resorting to camp. I’m not against camp, but it’s too obvious of a direction with this type premise […] Curse III: Blood Sacrifice had all the necessary ingredients to have been a good film, except for one thing – a fully developed story.” Brandon C. Sites

“The film boasts an excellent atmosphere but the attitudes of racism and exoticism that are of-the-time feel blunted to the point of seeming to accept them uncritically, while the extended stalking sequences through the cane fields utilize light and shadow nicely but ultimately lack any real tension. The reveal of the monster is the film’s other great disappointment, with Walas’ creature looking like it was recycled…” DVD Drive-In

” …watchable but ploddingly-paced, indifferently acted by most of the cast, and doesn’t really come alive until the appearance of a Chris Walas-designed sea creature in the last ten minutes.” Good Efficient Butchery

” …manages to work up some nice spooky atmosphere in a few scenes and definitely maximizes the potential of the African setting for a welcome change of pace […] the white characters are so bland and idiotic you’ll come to the conclusion that being able to summon a murderous sea monster might not be such a bad thing after all.” Mondo Digital

“The monster isn’t bad looking as far as slimy sea monsters go, it’s just that we hardly get to see him. Much of the movie, only his handiwork is revealed which isn’t terribly interesting when he only kills four people and a dog […] It’s all pretty pedestrian as far as crabby witch doctor revenge flicks go with a minimum of mayhem and a maximum of grating performers and even more grating electronic tribal style music.” Monsterhunter

“Despite hosting some horrific moments throughout, they did not help the film from being somewhat of a letdown as it ventured into familiar creature-feature territory. There was nothing to really distinguish it from other 1950’s monster movies other than it being filmed in 1991 and featuring a surprise appearance by Christopher Lee.” The Telltale Mind

Cast and characters:

  • Christopher Lee … Doctor Pearson
  • Jenilee Harrison … Elizabeth Armstrong
  • Henry Cele … Mletch
  • Andre Jacobs … Geoff Armstrong (as André Jacobs)
  • Zoe Randall … Anthea Steed
  • Olivia Dyer … Chloe Steed
  • Jennifer Steyn … Cindy
  • Gavin Hood … Robert
  • Dumi Shongwe … Witchdoctor
  • Lorraine Nyathikazi … Mourning Woman
  • Gowrie Naidoo … Doctor Pearson’s Maid
  • Gugu Nhlanga … Anthea’s Maid
  • Pepsi Mabizela … Elizabeth’s Cook (as Pepsy Mabozela)
  • Zanelle Negide … Elizabeth’s Maid
  • John Madala … Old man with donkey (as John Madlala)
  • Max Mkhwanzi … Tractor Driver (as Max Mkwanazi)
  • Charles Ngcoya … Herds boy
  • Muwalana Phewa … Murdered boy

Technical details:

  • 88 minutes
  • Audio: Dolby

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