CULT aka SEKTE (2019) Indonesian horror


Cult aka Sekte is a 2019 Indonesian horror feature film directed by William Chandra (co-writer of MatiAnak) from a screenplay co-written with Husein M. Atmojo.

The Open Door Films production stars Asmara Abigail, Derby Romero, Rizky Nazar, Gesata Stella, Trisa Triandesa, Natal Chendana, Eduwart Manalu, Nadira Adnan, Fangtatis and Saefullah Mahyudin.


Lia (Asmara Abigail) experienced memory loss after an accident. When she woke up, she was in a large, isolated house. It transpires that this is a community consisting of people who do not have a home and live together in harmony and look after each other. They helped Lia when he was injured. Because she cannot remember who she was and where she had to go, Lia stays in the community to receive treatment.

Having recovered slightly, Lia realises that there is something strange about her situation. It is revealed that the inhabitants of the house consists of followers of cults and those who have entered the house can never leave again…


Sekte was released in Indonesia on 2 May 2019.