DOLL CEMETERY (2019) Reviews and overview


‘Where evil never rests’

Doll Cemetery is a 2019 British horror feature film co-produced, directed by Steven. M. Smith (The Haunting of Borley Rectory; The Howling; Haunted) from a screenplay co-written with Christopher Jolley (Whisper; Age of the Living Dead TV series). Also released as Alfred the Doll and Alfred

The Greenway Entertainment production stars Jon-Paul Gates (Nest of Vampires;Knights of the Damned; Invasion Earth), Rad Brown (Scare Attraction; The Haunting of Borley Rectory) and Matthew Fitzthomas Rogers.

The film is a sequel to Steven M. Smith’s The Doll Master (2017).


Brendan Cobbs (Jon-Paul Gates), a famous novelist, is struggling with writer’s block. His agent sends him to a remote cottage in rural England with undesirable and unwelcoming locals and no connection to the outside world. This is where he encounters Alfred, a child-size doll, who can mysteriously come to life when Brendan isn’t watching him.

Brendan thinks Alfred could be a great idea for his new book. But deadly consequences are about to hit Brendan as no matter what he does, he cannot seem to get rid of Alfred or his followers. Something big is coming for Brendan with the intent to kill…


Doll Cemetery is released in the UK on DVD by 101 Films on October 21, 2019.


” …some surprisingly effective performances gives a lot of the dialogue more life than it might otherwise hold and certainly makes the exposition more interesting than most similar horror flicks pull off. There is however some unfortunately recurrent poor editing work, and it does drag the film down.” Cryptic Rock

“Where the film does score on the fright front is the doll, also called ‘Arthur’ (and yes there is a link with the agent), who during the course of the movie grows in size while still wearing a tiny face mask that makes all the contours of his body look wrong. It’s a shame that this rather striking figure could not have been deployed in a more effective movie.” Dark Eyes of London

” …Doll Cemetery looks better than it has a right to. But the lack of ideas and resources hobbles it. Maybe Smith should slow his prolific pace, (he’s already directed 24 films), and put a bit more money into fewer films. The results would probably be a lot better. As it stands, this is watchable if you’re in a generous mood.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:

Jon-Paul Gates … Brendan Cobbs
Steven M. Smith … Hugo Worshipper
Rad Brown … Jim
Matthew Fitzthomas Rogers … Arthur
Zane Casablanca … Socrates Santana
Jimmy ‘The Bee’ Bennett … Pilgrim Hiker
Kit Pascoe … The Seductress
Earl Ling … Henry
Sean Botha … Bouncer
Anastasia Cane … Gertrude (as Stacey Green)
Jennifer Leahey … Sarah King
Kaden Durso … Alfred
Paul Durso … Doll Worshipper
Jake Taviner … The Daddy
Guy Robbins … Alex
Sharon Elizabeth Greenwood … Doll Worshipper

Technical credits:

80 minutes


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