HAUNTED aka GHOSTS (2013) Reviews and overview


Haunted – aka Ghosts – is a 2013 British horror feature film written, produced and directed by Steven M. Smith (Doll Cemetery;The Haunting of Borley Rectory; The Doll Master; The Howling). The Greenway Entertainment production stars Jon-Paul Gates, Vivien Creegor, Jeremy Hill and Steven M. Smith himself.

In 2018, a sequel, titled Haunted 2: Apparitions was released.


A TV crew films a paranormal investigation…


“Found footage movies that are more insulting in their exploitive nature and half-hearted attempts at plots at least have things going on. Favoring realism over entertainment in this case makes for a movie that had a good idea for a location and an updated take on the rote ghost hunt template, yet forgot to include genuine suspense anywhere in that formula.”

“The dialogue and bickering is uninteresting, the frights start to become more obvious, and therefore much harder to take seriously (although I am sure I would have been terrified if I’d been one of the people unaware of the fakery), and the whole thing starts to overstay its welcome, despite clocking in at just over 80 minutes.” Kevin Matthews, Flickfeast

” …there might be a twist at the end, it was hard to tell through the amateur hour camera work and my building nausea. By then, if you have the slightest rat’s ass of a concern about what happens, you must be an investor in this movie. That being the case, I hope you didn’t put all your eggs into the basket of incompetence that is Haunted.” Rob Getz, Horror News

“The contestants are both bland and forgettable, with the handheld footage not helping matters due to the poor quality of the production […] It’s a cash-in pure and simple, made to be picked up by a dumb distro that is fast losing their eye for a good movie. Worst of all though, it’s just interminably dull.” Dave Wain, The Schlock Pit