VAMPZ! (2019) Overview


‘Sometimes… life sucks.’

Vampz! is a 2019 American comedy horror feature film – derived from a web series of the same name – directed by Ramsey Attia (The Mortician; Dark Web) from a script by co-producers Omar Attia and Leonard Buccellato. The movie stars Lilly Lumière, Christal Renee, Denis Ark and Louis Rocky Bacigalupo.


A wanna-be vampire must team up with her ditsy, new roommate and a crazed vampire hunter to thwart an unexpected enemy’s despicable schemes…

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Awaiting the first reviews of Vampz!

Cast and characters:

  • Lilly Lumière … Simone Castillo
  • Christal Renee … Ashlee Barnes
  • Denis Ark … Marcus Denning
  • Louis Rocky Bacigalupo … Sam Castillo
  • Guy N. Ease … Vin Ramakrishnan
  • Cliff Hunter … Werewolf

Technical credits:

76 minutes