Dabbe: Zehr-i Cin – Turkey, 2014 – reviews

Dabbe: Zehr-i Cin aka Dabbe 5 Zehr-i Cin is a 2014 Turkish supernatural horror feature film written and directed by Hasan Karacadağ (Vampiria; Dabbe franchise; Magi). The J-Plan-Taff Pictures production stars Ümit Bülent Dinçer, Nil Günal, Pelin Acar, Ömer Duran, Sultan Köroglu Kiliç, Murat Sevis, Deli Yasin and Özbek Yildiz.


When housewife Dilek (Nil Günal) becomes haunted by evil spirits she loses control of her body. Initially, her husband Omer (Ümit Bülent Dinçer) refuses to accept what is happening but as things become worse, the couple seeks the help of a devout Muslim woman with dark secrets to cure her. Unfortunately, instead, they uncover a shocking event from Dilek’s early life…

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“Cleverly riddled with Qur’an quotations, the thriller leads the Islamic horror franchise craft solid in ever gloomier realms. The original revenge story also deals with social tensions of blatant inequality as well as gender issues.” Bernd Buder, Film Dienst (translated from German)


Dabbe: Zehr-i Cin is currently available for streaming via Netflix

Technical details:

133 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2.35: 1
Audio: Dolby Digital

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