EMPIRE STATE OF THE DEAD (2016) Reviews and overview

Empire State of the Dead is a  2016 American horror anthology feature film directed by Matthew A. Peters, Chad Foster, Jamie Storrs, Joshua Reale, Geoff Orlowski, David Royal, Andrew Peters, Alex Bell, Stephen Long and Ron Bonk. It was produced by Bonk and Jonathan Straiton (director of Johnny Z; Night of Something Strange).


The recently deceased rise, feasting upon the living as a zombie outbreak spreads across the globe. In Central New York, a small Marine patrol, led by Seargent Ritter, tries to keep order. But while battling the living dead they are also faced with roving gangs going unchecked and entire military units defecting.

Amid the chaos, a drug lord named Ray sees an opportunity to rule the new world rising, and he is sabotaging rescue places and military bases to help further break down the government’s attempts to restore order…


Empire State of the Dead isn’t perfect. It has issues and has an unsatisfying ending. It is worth checking out, though. It has plenty of ambition and it’s cool to see how multiple short films by various directors can be put together to create one whole. It sort of works.” 411 Mania

“The special effects are under-average and not very present, for the most part of the motion picture. However, the finale of the film compensates, increasing the tempo and intensity, in addition to some decently gory effects. The movie’s soundtrack, throughout the different segments, is entertaining…” Horror-Movies.ca

“As an anthology Empire State of the Dead has a lot of fun and entertaining elements to it. The quality is at times patchy though and I felt that the less interesting shorts got in the way of my overall enjoyment. There were a few stand out characters, mainly with Johnson and Isaac both playing interesting bad guys…” The Rotting Zombie


” …a lot of the action and stories play out like a single movie with tons of wildly different visions. It’s messy and confusing. The segments range from bad to worse. The acting is z-grade. The make-up effects and computer-generated imagery are by far some of the worst ever put in a film…” Schlock Horror

“The shorts try so hard to give us something unique and different […] We have another about two friends who are trying to survive that find themselves walking in on something that I will not spoil, but say this, this scene is so bizarre and insane, it is worth the buy just for this scene alone…” Wicked Channel

Cast and characters:

  • Wes Reid … Olen Ray
  • Eli DeGeer … McCrae
  • Wayne W. Johnson … Draven
  • Joel Miscione … Ritter
  • Todd Hamilton
  • Michael Merchant … Sheets
  • Cassandra Hayes … Christian Woman / Zombie Extra
  • Alan Doshna … Three different zombies
  • Moe Isaac … Scag
  • Larissa Groesbeck
  • Mary Snell … Zombie / Soldier
  • Alyssa Reed … Allison
  • Steve Smith
  • L. Thomas Minion
  • Nathan Faudree … Vince
  • Mu-Shaka Benson … Frank
  • Ryan Santiago … Brute
  • Greta Volkova … Janice
  • S. Josh Taylor
  • Jeremy Jerome … Nick
  • Phillips Kenderus Kenny D. Phillips … Marcus
  • Nick Maher … Stall zombie

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