THE BEAUMONTS (2018) Overview


‘It’s a bloody night in the neighborhood’

The Beaumonts is a 2018 American vampire horror feature film written, produced, photographed, edited and directed by Jamie Sharps (Zombie Boy; The Bigfoot Diaries; Tucker’s Crossing). The movie stars George Standing Bear, Ali Currier, Kayli Currier and Maureen Downs.


A family of vampires moves into a small town and tries to fit in. All goes well until Count Beaumont’s children start to feed on the locals. Vampire hunter Abe recruits average guy Joe to help him vanquish the Beaumonts once and for all….

Cast and characters:

  • George Standing Bear … George Standing Bear
  • Ali Currier … Talon
  • Kayli Currier … Raven
  • Maureen Downs … Chablis
  • Matthew Dean Fletcher … Joe
  • Alan Gilman … Abe
  • Stephanie Gilson … Lucy
  • Jared Horton … Dead body
  • Vicki Horton … Auntie
  • Sheri Lee … Carmilla
  • Richard Miller … Dusty
  • Dale Mottram Jr. … Mr. Dunfey
  • James Parry … Count Vance Beaumont
  • James Richardson … Edward

Technical details:

79 minutes