Toulina – USA, 2019

‘Two worlds, two religions, one hell of a fight!’

Toulina is a 2019 American supernatural horror feature film written and directed by Glen Barnhart. The movie Jake Lomeli, Jess Deniz, Juan Rodriguez and Mark MacPherson.


A teenage girl becomes possessed by a demon after playing with a Ouija board game with her friend, Jen. As the days go by, the demon plays with her mind, making her see and hear things that are not there. As the demon grows stronger it finally takes possession of her.

Fearing for her daughter, she calls on the family priest, Father George for help. Father George enlists the help of Father James to see if Toulina is in fact possessed by a demon. And while this is happening, Father George is also faced with his own past failures as a priest.

When both Priests fail, and Father James is no longer able to help, Father George then calls on an unlikely ally to help, High Priest of the Satanic Church, Dominic…

Cast and characters:

  • Jake Lomeli … Father George
  • Jess Deniz … Satan / Demon
  • Juan Rodriguez … Dominic Satanic High Priest
  • Mark MacPherson … Father James
  • Sue Miguel … Mary
  • Catherine Miguel … Toulina
  • Mark McPherson … Father James
  • Juan Rodriguez … Jax


The budget for Toulina is cited as just $1,000.

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