The Final Ride – Canada, 2019 – reviews


‘Ride and die’

The Final Ride is a 2019 Canadian comedy horror anthology feature film written, produced, edited and directed by Mike McMurran (Secret Santa). The Reel Phobia Productions movie stars Keegan Chambers, Annette Wozniak, Matthew Chisholm and Brent Baird.


Three tales include the ghost of an 80’s fitness guru, a tattoo that won’t stop spreading and Uber driver Jean (Keegan Chambers) who picks up her final customer for the night, not knowing that she’s in for the ride of her life…

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The Final Ride was basically made with the change from your couch cushions, but you truly wouldn’t know that for 99% of it. The special effects are sparse but expertly done. I’d say only the gunshots give away the lack of budget. Everything else looks perfect.” Jeff Schmidt, Nightmarish Conjurings


Cast and characters:

  • Keegan Chambers … Jean – Secret Santa; Demon Bitch short
  • Annette Wozniak … Monica – BiteSecret Santa
  • Matthew Chisholm … Peter – Secret Santa
  • Brent Baird … Cody – Underneath: An Anthology of Terror; Exorcism of the Dead 
  • Nicole Kawalez … Tina
  • Geoff Almond … Ray
  • Ry Barrett … Jimmy
  • Joseph Claude Dubois … The Sheriff
  • Steve Kasan … Richard
  • Astrida Auza … The Tattoo Artist
  • Ali Chappell … Valerie – Necropolis: Legion; Psycho Biddies TV series; Underneath: An Anthology of TerrorLate Night Double Feature
  • Julie C. Sheppard … Katherine
  • Susana Borosic … Nora
  • Joshua Kuchma … 80’s Fitness Dude
  • Lex Darian … Rude Passenger

Filming locations:

Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Technical details:

79 minutes | stereo


anthology horror

Canadian horror

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