LATE NIGHT DOUBLE FEATURE (2014) Reviews and overview


‘Cannibals, self-mutilation & bloody revenge… things get nasty during this horror show.’

Late Night Double Feature is a 2014 Canadian horror anthology feature film directed by Navin Ramaswaran, Zach Ramelan, and Torin Langen. It stars Jamie Tarantini, Nick Smyth, and Jason Tannis.


During a late-night taping of Doctor Nasty’s Cavalcade of Horror, bloody chaos takes place while screening two features: ‘Dinner for Monsters’ and ‘Slit’.

Samantha/Nurse Nasty is frustrated with how the show is being run by its womanizing director and its drunken and crazy host, Doctor Nasty…


“The Nurse Nasty character is somewhat of a punching bag for the male personalities, even though one of them eventually comes to her rescue. As the story progresses, it can be vexing to watch in the context of the current climate of misogyny.” Digital Journal

” …we’ve seen it all before, in various permutations in numerous other horror movies. It doesn’t necessarily bring anything new or original to the genre, but it does provide some of the most horrific and over-the-top practical effects of gore and mayhem this side of Summer School.” Horror Talk

“Despite odd moments like ‘Slit’, Late Night Double Feature emerges as an earnest wannabe in the anthology stakes, one where a not-quite budget and wavering directorial styles gets in the way of it emerging as a complete triumph.” Moria

Late Night Double Feature makes the somewhat bold move of shifting the tone between the two central features from darkly humorous to just plain dark and disturbing.” Sean Kelly on Movies


The film premiered at the 2014 New York City Horror Film Festival.

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