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Fingers is a 2019 American crime comedy horror feature film written, produced, directed and edited by Juan Ortiz (Jennifer Help Us). The Ten East production stars Sabina Friedman-Seitz, Jeremy Gardner, Michael St. Michaels and Michael Richardson.


Amanda has a finger-phobia and an abject loathing of all human strangeness. So she decides to read and take pointers from a recommended self-help book, Doctor Scotty’s ‘Follow Me: I Know The Way’.

Meanwhile, two hitmen are hired by the mysterious Fox (Michael St. Michaels, The Greasy Strangler) to cut the fingers off the mild, mannered Talky Panda to satisfy his lust for revenge. How they connect causes shocks to the system and the need to kill their fears…


If the pulp worlds of Elmore Leonard and the head scratch of Inherent Vice’s whodunit arc collided it’d be Fingers. Nothing makes absolute sense, but the result of holding onto the tail of this whacked-out story until the very end is rewarded in a suitably understated, left of centre finale.” Brit Flicks

“It’s more of a quirky comedy with a thriller element than it is a horror and it was so bizarre it left me feeling a little cold. My advice would be to approach with an open mind but if you’re averse to the weird and wonderful, I’d give this one a miss.” Entertainment Focus

“Writer-director Juan Ortiz does a fantastic job, even more so when you think that this is only his second directorial feature, and his dark and witty script is helped by some astute casting. There are moments here that are deeply disturbing, but Ortiz knows what to show, and what to imply (a line that is essential to keep viewers on board when, at one point, a dog is put in peril).” For It is Man’s Number

“It’s an all-over-the-place movie which plays its absurdities mostly straight – though Gardner is off the leash in his white trash maniac performance, everyone else is ridiculously phlegmatic about how awful things are getting […] Seemingly aimless for a lot of its running time, Fingers is actually tightly constructed…” The Kim Newman Web Site

Fingers is about confronting fears that are terrorising your very existence but goes about it in its own unique and peculiar way, with a tense and weird mood that borders on surreal. It’s a smashing looking film with plenty of intelligent elements going on, yet at the same time, I felt it became a bit over-encumbered by its own desire to push the envelope. A good horror film with plenty of dark humour at its edges…” Nerdly

” …Fingers is a satire of both therapy culture, and of a pathologised America chasing its own tail on the quest for closure. The redemptive cure that it delivers is all at once stupid, funny and batshit bonkers.” Projected Figures

“Its plot is far-fetched, full of exaggerations, and often it lacks reason – and yet, as a whole it makes narrative sense, as while it’s definitely a black comedy at heart, it doesn’t play things merely for the laughs but shows a definite joy spinning its yarn, and despite all the utter madness and mutilation humour, it also shows heart one wouldn’t expect from a movie like this.” Search My Trash

“It’s the inventiveness and commitment to crafting something different that makes this thriller stand out from so many of its genre contemporaries. This is a thoroughly entertaining watch that revels in delivering an unpredictable story, which manages to continually surprise without those redirects feeling arbitrary.” Starburst


Random Media released Fingers in the USA in September 2020 via Amazon and iTunes. The film is now available on Shudder.

Cast and characters:

Sabina Friedman-Seitz … Amanda
Jeremy Gardner … Talky
Michael St. Michaels … Fox
Stan Madray … Walter
Alex Zuko … Peter
Michael Richardson … Doctor Scotty
Sterling William … Quiet
Taylor Zaudtke … Lizzy
El Louissaint … Sam
Melissa McNerney … Chloe
Vincenzo Hinckley … Derrick
Brannon Cross … Alan, Agent Man
Rebekah Paugam … Donut Girl

Filming locations:

Central Florida


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