JARAN GOYANG (2018) Indonesian horror


Jaran Goyang is a 2018 Indonesian supernatural horror feature film directed by Findo Purwono from a screenplay written by Wahyu S. Nugroho. The movie stars Cut Meyriska, Ajun Perwira and Nova Eliza. Rajesh Punjabi was the producer.


A gardener named Dirga falls in love with a swordsman named Elena. However, his love was rejected by Elena who already had a girlfriend, Robert. Dirga killed Robert using Jaran Goyang black magic via his aunt, Mrs. Srinthil.

Successfully gaining Elena’s love, Dirga also tries to gain the love of Elena’s sister Tania. A fight between Elena and Tania ensues…

Cast and characters:

  • Cut Meyriska … Elena
  • Adjunct Officer … Dirga
  • Laura Theux … Tania
  • Nova Eliza … Mrs. Srinthil
  • Intan RJ … Davina, Elena’s / Tania’s mother
  • Ridwan OB … Pak Songka / David, Elena / Tania’s father
  • Cris de Lima … Robert
  • Nurfadillah … Azizah
  • Mudy Taylor … Mbah Rondi
  • Fera Ayu … Bi Supi
  • Dian Aditya … Trio Macan (cameo)
  • Lia Ladysta … Trio Macan (cameo)
  • Iva Novanda … Trio Macan (cameo)

Technical details:

79 minutes


Jaran Goyang was released on July 5, 2018.


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