EVERY TIME I DIE (2019) Overview


Every Time I Die is a 2019 American paranormal mystery-thriller feature film about death, memory, possession and reincarnation.

Produced and directed by Robi Michael from a screenplay co-written with Gal Katzir, the movie stars Marc Menchaca, Drew Fonteiro, Erica Camarano and Michelle Macedo.


When Sam (Drew Fonteiro) is murdered in a remote lake, his consciousness begins to travel through the bodies of his friends in an effort to protect them from his killer. This dark passage leads him on a greater journey – discovering his own true identity…

Reviews [may contain spoilers]:

” …what started out as a run-of-the-mill high-concept horror movie, became an entirely original, competently executed thriller that had me in its grip before I realized what was happening. It takes a minute to get going, but once it does, Every Time I Die is a fun paranormal mystery thriller.” Norman Gidney, Horror Buzz

“There’s no shortage of cleverness in the screenplay co-written by Michael and Gal Katzir, but the movie ultimately gets tripped up in its own trippiness. Despite its brief 98-minute running time, the film seems strangely drawn out, with the confusing dream sequences and flashbacks to Sam’s childhood sapping the narrative momentum.” Frank Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter

“An entrancing, diabolical romance thriller that exudes sympathy and remorse, Every Time I Die is nothing short of heart-stopping and astounding.” Michael Therkelsen, Horror Society

“The narrative is very complex, splicing back-and-forth between the present and the past, dreams and waking life with a purpose that will only seem logical in hindsight. It’s truly a film that requires two watches to appreciate, as the final twist is a real doozy.” Jeff Schmidt, Nightmarish Conjurings


Every Time I Die premiered at the Cinequest Film Festival on 8 March 2019 and will be released in theatrically and on video on demand (VOD) on August 9, 2019.

Cast and characters:

  • Marc Menchaca … Jay
  • Drew Fonteiro … Sam
  • Erica Camarano … Police Woman
  • Michelle Macedo … Poppy
  • Eleah Burman … Young Woman
  • Sara Harman … Soldier
  • Kevin D. Benton … Nurse
  • Tyler Dash White … Tyler
  • Lia Johnson … Sam’s Mother
  • Melissa Macedo … Mia
  • Nikee Warren … Nurse
  • Andrea Leigh … Psychologist
  • Alison Linkov … Nurse
  • Paul Megna … Sam’s Father
  • Maera Daniel Hagage … EMT

Production companies:

  • MiLa Media
  • Invisible Films
  • Latent Images
  • Giant Hunter Media
  • Ars Veritas Productions

Technical details:

98 minutes

Image credits:  Horror Buzz | Nightmarish Conjurings

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