AN HOUR TO KILL (2018) Reviews and overview

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‘Before they make the hit, these gangsters shoot the sh*t’
An Hour to Kill is a 2018 American crime horror anthology feature film revolving around three tales told by a couple of hitmen killing time.

Directed by Aaron Carter (Dead Kansas) from a screenplay co-written with Ronnie Jimenez, the movie stars Mel Novak (Tales of Frankenstein; Family Reunion), Frankie Pozos, Aaron Guerrero, Amanda Rau (Living Among Us), Joe McQueen, Veronica Ricci (Treasure Chest of Horrors II), Brendan Mitchell, Gabriel Mercado (Dysmorphia) and Luna Meow (Things 4).

“The script is all over the place, with some cringe-worthy cliches mixed with witty lines. The acting, eh, could stand to be better, but a few cast members find it worth their while to ham it up. For a budget production, it reminded me most of Murder Party, in being a movie that tries its hardest with what little it has and ends up winning you over with schlocky charm.” All Horror

“As a cross between a gangster film and a Troma movie, An Hour to Kill is a perfect example of what you can be achieved on a micro-budget horror. It may not be perfect, but it is easy to overlook the film’s shortfalls, thanks to the creative crude humour and unexpected twists which keeps it so entertaining.” Blazing Minds

An Hour to Kill leaves a lot to be desired and needs some heavy nipping and tucking in editing, and pacing. The crime story feels slim, and the short tales aren’t creepy, or even funny, for that matter. The final scene feels like an effort to bring the entire film crashing together, but it lands with a thud.” Cinema Crazed

“With some intriguing elements but undone way too often by its low-budget nature and some rather bland stories, this one becomes a passable if not entirely effective effort. Only go into this one if you’re a hardcore anthology aficionado or curious about these kinds of efforts.” Don’s World of Exploitation

“It does suffer from having somewhat of an uneven tone, in that the four components feel almost like they were spliced together from separate sources. Again, this is most apparent in the early going, and you should gradually get a better handle on what the intent is here.” C+ Film Blitz

“Much of this independent anthology movie is merely amateurish and joyless, characterised by broad / awkward performances and drab Tarantino-inspired hitman chatter. Far worse, however, is the prominent streak of juvenile gross-out “humour”, which highlights an undercurrent of homophobia and (especially) misogyny, turning the whole thing into an obnoxious ordeal.” Horror Screams Video Vault

“Filmed on a small budget, An Hour To Kill is one of those films that, despite its shortcomings, wins over its audience through sheer inventiveness and sheer insanity. This is a film that not only pushes the boundaries of gross-out gore but also political correctness, feeling very much like a love letter to the excesses of Troma – in the best way possible.” Nerdly

“The project is missing key professionalism that’s required to evolve a YouTube lark into a feature film. Other than some neat but fleeting practical effects, An Hour to Kill is bare;  both narratively and stylistically.” Wylie Writes

MOVIES and MANIA rating:

Technical details:
1 hour 36 minutes

Cast and characters:
Mel Novak … Mr Kinski (segment “An Hour to Kill”)
Frankie Pozos … Frankie (segment “An Hour To Kill”)
Aaron Guerrero … Gio (segment “An Hour To Kill”)
Amanda Rau … Jenna (segment “Valkyrie’s Bunker”)
Jola Cora … Aida (segment “Valkyrie’s Bunker”)
Stephanie Strehlow … Heidi (segment “Valkyrie’s Bunker”)
Alexya Garcia … Denise (segment “Valkyrie’s Bunker”)
Veronica Ricci … Petunia (segment “An Hour To Kill”)
Jeff Rector … DJ Smooth (segment “An Hour To Kill”)
Brendan Mitchell … Brendan [aka: WetMovie1] (segment “Assacre”)
Gabriel Mercado … Gabe (segment “Assacre”)
Luna Meow … Luna Meow (segment “Assacre”)
Vince Kelvin … Vince (segment “An Hour To Kill”)
Arash Dibazar … Arash (segment “An Hour To Kill”)
Anthony Peter Robinson … Hitman (segment “An Hour to Kill”)