BETWEEN THE DARKNESS (2019) Reviews and overview


Between the Darkness aka Come, Said the Night is a 2019 American indie horror feature film about a teenage girl who is convinced that a monster is haunting the nearby woods.

Written and directed by Andres Rovira, the Miller/Datri Pictures production stars Danielle Harris, Lew Temple, Tate Birchmore, Daniela Leon and Nicole Moorea Sherman.


Thirteen-year-old Sprout Grady grows convinced that a monster is haunting the nearby woods. Embarking on a mission to vanquish it, she uncovers horrifying secrets that rock the core of everything she thought she knew…


“I liked Come, Said the Night. However, I have to say; it started off slow but then it started picking up I would say around midway through the movie through the end. One of the leads in the movie, Nicole Moorea Sherman (Sprout Grady) did an outstanding job portraying her role.” Sefket Nouri, Fansided

“Slow to build and somewhat predictable overall, Come, Said the Night is an excellent psychological horror film […] If you enjoy a dark and subtle horror with a touch of the macabre, this is one you should enjoy.” Late to the Game review

“While Lew Temple does an acceptable job as the troubled father to two children, this is Nicole Moorea Sherman’s film. Her moments of innocent fear, that slowly ease through the film into empowerment are a subtle arc that is a joy to observe.” Norman Gidney, Film Threat review

“This slow-building but very satisfying arthouse approach to horror comes wrapped in mystique — drawing you in with actual character development and emotion instead of gore and nudity.  It was also incredibly nice to NOT see all of the far too common tropes of the genre being paraded out in place of real creativity and story.” Michael Jones, Morbidly Beautiful review

” …the last act begins with a shock and moves into some very dark territory. As usual, the real monsters are human and hide in plain sight. That revelation isn’t too much of a surprise. But how we get to that point and how it plays out after holds the attention well. As long as you aren’t expecting a straight-ahead horror film you should enjoy Between the Darkness.” Jim Morazzini, Voices from the Balcony review


The movie premiered on 9 March 2019 at the Cinequest Film Festival.

Cast and characters:

  • Danielle Harris … Ranger Stella Woodhouse
  • Lew Temple … Roy Grady
  • Tate Birchmore … Percy Grady
  • Daniela Leon … Magda Grady
  • Nicole Moorea Sherman … Sprout Grady
  • Max Page … Max Woodhouse
  • Maya Nalli … Driver
  • Christine Andelfinger … Gorgon
  • Angel Seañez … Angel
  • Christopher Watson … Slim Watts

Technical details:

96 minutes

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