OFFICE UPRISING (2017) Reviews and overview


‘Work can be killer’

Office Uprising is a 2017 American comedy horror film directed by former stuntman Lin Oeding. The movie stars Brenton Thwaites, Jane Levy, Karan Soni and Zachary Levi.


Inside one of Ammotech, one the world’s major arms manufacturers, a substance is slipped into the employees’ drinks by the board of directors that supposedly makes them work more efficiently.

Due to a slacker within the company, though, they are fed the wrong formula and start turning into homicidal maniacs — leaving the slacker needing to step up his game to rescue himself and his friends from the growing zombie plague inside the company compound…



“From its ridiculous premise to its very goofy execution, “Office Uprising” could be taken as plain brainless horror comedy that, much like its ‘zombiefied’ characters, is so out of control it has no idea what to do with itself, with the end result being a silly and chaotic flick…” George Beremov, CineMarvellous

“Even the film’s missteps have a certain charm to them, mostly due to the cast. The direction, by Lin Oeding, is energetic and snappy. The movie’s goofiness is endearing, and a little smarter than you may think. Desmond’s penchant for not knowing work stuff comes up repeatedly and pays off each time. ” Eddie Strait, The Daily Dot

” …the explosion effects were not really good and seemed too obvious as computerized. But other than that, the rest were decent enough. Overall this was a movie just for fun. There was no hidden moral message,  no major plot. Just pure amusement to us who do not want to think and want to see some office humor, combined with those “zombies” survival story.” Mike’s Movie Moments

“Following the brutal events that take place within Ammotech, Office Uprising sets up a very satisfying third act. The character development is strong and well written, presenting quite a few surprises by the final sequences of the film.” Matthew Ortiz, Nightmare on Film Street

” …fun, easy, entertaining viewing. Yes, the satire is there but there are no deep themes or complex plots that sit in your head for days. This is interesting and very funny entertainment and that’s all it needs to be to be successful.” Ready Steady Cut!

” …the film’s stylistic flair and the plethora of well placed and well-written social-political commentary sets it apart from the rest. A surprisingly insightful film in many ways and if you’re looking for that sort of thing, you shouldn’t be disappointed; if not, then there’s plenty of bonkers, over-the-top, gory action and dark humour to satisfy even the hardiest horror veteran.” Darren Tilby, UK Film Review

Main cast:

  • Brenton Thwaites … Desmond – Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales; Oculus
  • Jane Levy … Samantha – Monster Trucks; Don’t BreatheEvil Dead
  • Karan Soni … Mourad – Ghostbusters
  • Zachary Levi … Adam Nusbaum
  • Gregg Henry … Franklin Gantt
  • Kurt Fuller … Lentworth
  • Ian Harding … Nicholas Frohm
  • Barry Shabaka Henley … Clarence
  • Alan Ritchson … Bob
  • Sam Daly … Marcus Gantt
  • Stephen Oyoung … Joe the Salesman
  • Kenneth Choi … Freddy Wong
  • Tracey Rooney … Jill HR
  • Ashton DeGroot … Lisa HR (as Ashton McClearin)
  • Natascha Hopkins … Natasha HR

Filming locations:

Birmingham, Alabama

Some image credits: Nightmare on Film Street

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