NOT OF THIS EARTH (1995) Reviews and overview

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‘They’ve crossed the galaxy in search of our blood.’

Not of This Earth is a 1995 science fiction horror feature film directed by Terence H. Winkless (Nightmare City 2035; Ladykiller; The Nest) from a screenplay by Charles Philip Moore (Demon Wind; Twisted Nightmare), based on Charles B. Griffith and Mark Hanna’s script for the 1957 original. The movie stars Michael York, Parker Stevenson, Richard Belzer and Mason Adams.

This is the second remake of Roger Corman’s 1950s movie, the first being Jim Wynorski’s ultra-cheap 1988 quickie. It was part of the ‘Roger Corman Presents’ series on the Showtime cable channel.


Paul Johnson (Michael York) is a mysterious stranger who arrives in Los Angeles and moves into a luxurious estate in Beverly Hills, hiring a private nurse, Amanda (Elizabeth Barondes), to help him with his rare medical condition, as well as a driver and errand boy, Jeremy (Richard Belzer).

However, Amanda soon thinks there’s something strange about Paul, and after consulting with a physician, Doctor Rochelle (Mason Adams), they discover that Johnson is actually an alien who is stockpiling reserves of blood for the dying residents of his home planet.


” …superior to the 1988 redo, and this is a sci-fi fan’s delight, full of groovy monsters and special effects.” John Stanley, Creature Features

“This film has some decent latex-based special effects of alien beings and carnage!!! Despite the fact that everything seems to be thrown together just fine decent acting, script, etc., the film still falls fairly flat.” Deathwish Industries

“Admittedly, it is decently special effects led but it is no more interesting because of it, though the show does have a welcome campy sense of fun.” Derek Winnert

” …it’s certainly not a terrible film. Michael York delivers a deliciously over-the-top performance as Johnson, and the special effects aren’t nearly as cheesy as you’d expect (at times, they’re actually decent). Where the movie falters is in its more intense scenes.” Dave Becker, 2,500 Movies Challenge

“Here, director Terence H. (The Nest) Winkless keeps the boobage to a bare minimum and handles the action scenes awkwardly.  I will say this for Winkless:  the man sure knows how to film Michael York receiving dialysis treatments from a space octopus.” Mitch Lovell, The Video Vacuum

Choice dialogue:

“And what of my brood?  Do they still survive?”

Cast and characters:

  • Michael York … Paul Johnson – The Haunting of Hell House; The Ripper; Phantom of Death
  • Parker Stevenson … Jack Sherbourne
  • Elizabeth Barondes … Amanda Sayles
  • Richard Belzer … Jeremy Pallin – Species II
  • Mason Adams … Doctor Rochelle
  • Ted Davis … Rodman Felder
  • Julia McNeal … Alien Woman (as Julia Mueller)
  • Bob McFarland … Detective Mark Willows
  • Wendy Buckner … Cheryl
  • Joshua D. Comen … Danny
  • Jennifer Coolidge … Nurse
  • Eddie Driscoll … John
  • Mary Scheer … Saleswoman
  • Arthur Roberts … Cheryl’s Father – Shock; Not of This Earth, 1988
  • Dianna Miranda … Luisa
  • Chuck Martinez … Hector
  • Athena Ashburn … (as Athena Stensland)
  • Rob Kerchner … Cop #1
  • John Carl Buechler … The Other (as John Buechler)
  • Ellen G. Statham … Parking Attendant (as Ellen Statham)
  • Victoria Genisce … Mary Wilson, RN [uncredited]

Technical details:

  • 91 minutes
  • Sound: Stereo


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