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‘Time doesn’t heal all wounds’

Scarred aka Kandie Land is a 2013 American slasher horror feature film in which four models are stalked by a deranged killer.

Written and directed by Eddie Lengyel (Mother Krampus 2: Slay Ride; The Curse of Lilith Ratchet; Voodoo Rising; Hellweek), the Fright Teck production stars Ari Lehman, Don Kilrain, Lisa Neeld and Mark Cray.

Blu-ray release:

Scarred is receiving a Blu-ray release via SGL Entertainment. The disc will feature an exclusive, never-before-seen edit of the film, plus deleted scenes, a music video, director/producer commentary and more. Meanwhile, Scarred is available to rent or buy from Amazon Prime.


Four models go on a photo shoot at an abandoned house previously belonging to the infamous Kandie family.

Little do they know that Jonah Kandie still lurks there, seeking revenge on anyone that comes near after being scarred beyond recognition by his father as a young boy.

One by one, the models soon become the victims of the vicious killer’s merciless hatred for all things beautiful…


“There are a few flaws along the way, including a bit of inconsistency in the audio and a logical fallacy in a particular death scene. However, these few blunders are definitely forgivable. The final forty minutes of the film alone makes the entire thing worth watching. The good definitely outweighs the bad…” The Blood Shed

Scarred is a mean, nasty slasher flick and I had a real blast with it! With some viciously imaginative kills, a memorable villain and plenty of heart from everybody involved, this is a throwback slasher done right.” Hickey’s House of Horrors

“The film is a perfect example of what talent, hard work and dedication can do for a film with a micro-budget. The passion is obvious through the entire film, and new filmmakers can learn a lot by observing how Eddie and his cast and crew took a well worn and loved genre idea and put a refreshing spin on an old idea.” Horror Society

“Whether it’s a hammer to the skull, a machete to the throat or a chainsaw to the gut, Jonah Kandie is here and he is ready to heal his scars by inflicting pain and torture upon anyone who crosses his blood-soaked path. Along with the classic slasher elements, Scarred breaths a fresh and unique approach in the life of the genre.” Malevolent Magazine

“There are certain things that a good slasher flick has to have. That list includes things like great-looking gore, great looking girls, a menacing killer and lots and lots of blood. I’m thrilled to say that Scarred written and directed by Eddie Lengyel has them all.” Scare Tissue

” …this is an old-fashioned slasher, boasting respectful nods, Ari Lehman (the original Jason Voorhees) in a great supporting role, a good-looking cast (including Playboy model Lisa Neeld) and inventive ways to slaughter the majority of them disgracefully.” Terror Time

“The folks behind Scarred are smart — rather than attempt to reinvent the wheel, they give their audience what it wants. This is an old-fashioned slasher flick. It boasts decent scares, a good-looking cast and plenty of gruesome manners in which to off them. This isn’t the most original story but it will entertain gorehounds raised on the likes of Madman and The Burning.” UK Horror Scene

Cast and characters:

  • Ari Lehman … Austin
  • Don Kilrain … Jonah Kandie
  • Lisa Neeld … Shaina
  • Mark Cray … Roscoe
  • Carl Ferrara … Bo
  • Bart Flynn … George Sanders
  • Tina Grimm … Brooke
  • Alex Russo … Asia
  • Molly Miller … Tiny
  • Haley Kocinski … Marley
  • Jessica Lauschin … Jess
  • Max Elinsky … Brody (as Max Ryan Mayson)
  • Janine Sarnowski … Luna
  • Justine Greenwald … Faye Ambler
  • Devin McClung … Tash (as Devin Steiner)

Technical details:

  • 86 minutes
  • Audio: Dolby Digital
  • Aspect ratio: 1.78: 1


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