Savage Creatures – USA, 2019 – preview

‘Vampires. Aliens. Cannibals. Rabid Zombies. Judgement Day just went off the rails.’

Savage Creatures is a 2019 American horror feature film with a menagerie of monsters.

Written and directed by Richard Lowry (Alien Overlords; President Evil; Apocalypse Rising; et al), the Zado Productions-Andromeda Motion Pictures movie stars Kelly Brown, Victoria Steadman, Greg Travis, Cean Okada, Ryan Quinn Adams and Kannon Smith.


ITN Distribution will be releasing Savage Creatures on a date to be confirmed.

Cast and characters:

  • Kelly Brown … Rose
  • Victoria Steadman … Ursula
  • Greg Travis … Father Cooper
  • Cean Okada … Liz
  • Ryan Quinn Adams … Darby
  • Kannon Smith … Sister Gigi

Filming locations:

Pine Valley, Utah

Technical details:

Aspect ratio: 2.35: 1

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