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‘Vampires. Aliens. Cannibals. Rabid Zombies. Judgement Day just went off the rails.’

Savage Creatures is a 2019 American horror feature film with a menagerie of monsters.

Written, directed, photographed, sound design, edited and scored by Richard Lowry (Apocalypse Rising; President Evil), the Zado Productions-Andromeda Motion Pictures movie stars Kelly Brown, Victoria Steadman, Greg Travis, Cean Okada, Ryan Quinn Adams and Kannon Smith.


” …I am pleased to announce that Savage Creatures, while flawed, is terrific fun. For starters, Lowry does not let the audience catch their breath once the action begins, which is just mere minutes in. His directing matches the outlandish premise perfectly, with lots of dynamic camera movements. That energy never leaves the film, making for a rather enthralling watch.” Film Threat

“This looks and sounds horrible but was actually quite entertaining. Great cinematography, acting was decent and the story was paced well and kept me entertained. Not bad for a low budget indie flick.” Horror for Dummies

“I might have mistakenly missed something about a character backstory or just produce a hefty sigh of longing for more personal information on why this character does what they do, I found Savage Creatures uniquely isn’t symptomizing distress of forgoing persona tell-all; instead, plays uncharacteristically to the obverse tune of an entertaining racket of head-splitting, limb chopping, and with a hint of rampant gun akimbo.” It’s Bloggin’ Evil

Savage Creatures has a seed of an idea that Lowry just can’t grasp on such a limited budget, and the dialogue he writes is pretty terrible. There are scenes that make no sense at all (wouldn’t a cannibal remove a victim’s clothing before chopping them up?), and the two lead actresses simply don’t have the panache to portray ancient, world-weary vampires. Crummy, but not appallingly bad…” The Movie Elite

“Kelly Brown and Victoria Steadman as the vampire couple are fun to watch, they get to poke fun at the vampire world too, while the rest of the cast do well with what they need to do in the film […] This is a fun horror that will have plenty going on and isn’t holding anything back from the audience and isn’t afraid to throw the blood at the screen.” Movie Reviews 101

“The plot is off the wall with vampires, zombies, aliens, and a mute gun-totting nun. While the acting isn’t the greatest, the two leads, Kelly Brown and Victoria Steadman have great chemistry together. I’m not for sure what the total budget was for this movie but it was obviously very limited. I appreciate that old school practical effects were used instead of cheap CGI.” Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer

“There is so much going on here and it is great fun. There was too little of Sister Gigi (who was incidentally introduced as mute) but Greg Travis chewed the scenery wonderfully as the Irish priest. Whilst the acting wasn’t anywhere near A list, it was all watchable, and Kelly Brown and Victoria Steadman had a rapport and chemistry that worked.” Taliesin meets the Vampires


Mill Creek Entertainment released Savage Creatures on DVD in the USA on January 7, 2020. The movie is available on Amazon Prime and free-to-view on YouTube via the Movie Channel

Cast and characters:

Kelly Brown … Rose
Victoria Steadman … Ursula
Greg Travis … Father Cooper
Cean Okada … Liz
Ryan Quinn Adams … Darby
Kannon Smith … Sister Gigi

Filming locations:

St. George and Pine Valley, Utah

Technical details:

75 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2.35: 1

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