MORBID STORIES (2019) Reviews and overview


‘Death is just the beginning’

Morbid Stories is a 2019 American horror anthology feature film directed by Asif Akbar (Astro), Clint Kelly (ABCs of Death 2.5 ‘M is for Munging’ segment), Will Devokees (Macabre Medicine), Ashley Mei and Mick Thomas.

The Avail Films production stars Courtney Akbar, Luke Gregory Crosby, Krystal Pixie Adams, Shane Smith, Tyree Cobbins, Tim O’Hearn, Pete Girard, Frank Pickarelli, Ashley Mei (Clown Fear) and Courtney Akbar (Clown Fear).


Tension and chaos lead the US government to advise Americans everywhere on what to do. Stay in their homes or flee to the mountains, whatever they can do to disappear. A radio announcer warns everyone to get out of the towns and cities because the freaks and monsters have risen…


In the mood for a decent horror anthology? Consider Morbid Stories! Focused around Candy, a newly single young woman with two ankle-biter pups, there’s an eerie feeling circling her house in the suburbs of California. Ghosts? A poltergeist? Her ex trying to make amends?

Without wasting much time, she gathers up some belongings, her yappy-dogs and hits the road to clear her head while searching for a safe haven outside of the house. Unfortunately, the radio announcer relays the grim news that the country is under attack. Aliens? Terrorists? Covid-19? Stay tuned… Morbid Stories is a fun little romp into the unknown. Check out this journey:

Story #1 flashes back several hours from present time featuring a small isolated home that is invaded by nearby dwellers claiming to have been in a severe car accident. Similar to A Clockwork Orange scenario in order to gain access into the home, the owners hesitantly allow them into their biggest regret. A fatal fang bite and minor scuffle with the wife leads the intruders to introduce themselves as an unprecedented threat…vampires.

Story #2 goes back even further (seventeen hours?) to a crowded house of children being looked after by older sister, Mallory. When the teen’s friends appear to play a little game of Ouija, the chaos ensues when an evil spirit is evoked, unbeknownst to all. Nice little bloodfest.

Story #3 is the sharpest tale. Similar to Misery’s Paul Sheldon, quick-witted writer Robert Zim, is staying at an unsettling home with a very oddball owner who stops by to welcome the famous author. Immediately, the situation becomes alarmingly unhinged when Robert questions the attic noises and is met with nonchalant vague responses from the mindless owner. Devorkees brings his character (Zim) into a full-on mockery of outback ignorance and continues with his work with pure disdain for his surroundings. Of course, the attic noises prompt his curiosity into exploratory mode and unfortunately… the ending is not pleasant.

Story #4 wraps up with a sickly gothic girl trying to prepare for her lover’s arrival, while she loses her lunch and falters with intense stomach pains. Her agony is revealed shortly after her beau’s appearance and subsequently turns her into a blood-lusting monster.’

Meanwhile, in real-time, Candy is driving down the highway still listening to the radio describe explosive carnage rampaging through the country when she spots her ex Mike in the middle of the road. Is he infected? Is he dead? Is Candy in trouble? Will her doggies Tea and Biscuit have an accident in the car? Watch Morbid Stories to find out!

Other reviews:

“Altogether I thought this was a solid anthology film but it does have its issues. Some segments have music featured in them and it is so loud that it drains out the dialogue, the segments themes don’t really seem to connect well, especially considering the radio continues to talk about zombies and vampires.” B&S About Movies

“Being a low-budget movie I didn’t have any big expectations, I just wanted to see some ideas, which might inspire other directors and screenwriters; and I saw that. Almost every story has something I liked and in the end, I don’t regret watching this movie.” Cinema – The 7th Art

“Overall a highly enjoyable and engaging indie-anthology that keeps itself solidly enjoyable throughout here with solid to good segments and not too many flaws overall. This is certainly worthwhile for all indie genre fans or fans of the anthology format…” Don’s World of Horror and Exploitation

It’s got some jump scares, which are usually annoying, but these were well-timed and not excessive; just right […] Again, this was obviously low-budget, but well-written and I enjoyed it despite the amateur acting.” The Horror Guys

“You get four (five counting the wraparound) horror stories in just over an hour – if you enjoy them, that’s awesome, and if you didn’t, at least it didn’t take up much of your time. Like most anthologies, this one has its ups and downs, but I wouldn’t say that any of the segments are downright bad, and I got some enjoyment out of each one of them.” Life Between Frames

“What we have is five talented stories being told injunction with the main story. The world as we know is gone and these are the final tales to be told. Another example of indie directors managing a good, solid story on a minor budget. Just seeing this you want to give them a huge budget and watch for the wonder to unfold.” Rotten Reelz

” …as heterogenous as the five segments may be in approach, they’re all well-written and structured, really putting the narrative first, while it’s very obvious that everyone involved loves the horror genre in all its forms …” Search My Trash

Morbid Stories is an enjoyable very low budget anthology. It runs about seventy-five minutes which, with one exception, keeps the segments from dragging. While it’s never overly scary it is fun and worth giving a look.” Voices from the Balcony


Morbid Stories is already available on-demand and will be released on DVD in October 2020.

Cast and characters:

  • Courtney Akbar … Candy
  • Luke Gregory Crosby … TBC
  • Krystal Pixie Adams … Morgan
  • Ashley Mei … Mallory Yoshida
  • Eight The Chosen One … Jake
  • Phil Herman … Radio Announcer
  • Tim O’Hearn … The Long Haired Stranger
  • Will Devokees … Robert Zirn
  • Crystal Loverro … Helen Singer
  • Emma Koiso … Olivia Yoshida
  • Austyn Reale … James
  • Jocelyne Daugherty … Lola
  • Shane Smith … Jamie Singer
  • Chris DaBella … The Satanic Stranger
  • Tyree Cobbins … The Injured Stranger