After School Lunch Special – USA, 2019 – preview

‘A movie so good you’ll ask for seconds’

After School Lunch Special is 2019 American comedy horror anthology feature film written, produced and directed by Andrew J Chambers.

“Eight gut-wrenching tales of terror to tickle your funny bone and leave your brain a rotting pile of steaming excrement.”

Cast and characters:

  • Alex Abate … Jerry
  • Nick Allen … Stan
  • Jennie Barney … Vampire Girl 2
  • Dustin Beggs … Dickless
  • Noah D. Bird … Poopy Pants
  • Zachary Blackford … Float Zombie
  • Brandy Bogert … Zombie Handler
  • Andy Brandenburg … Parade Goer
  • Jacob Brandenburg … Parade Goer
    Matt Brandenburg … Parade Goer
  • Shell Brandenburg … Parade Goer
  • Carl Brown … Chester
  • Joshua Brunken … Zacharia Butterfield
  • Alonzo Cantu … Float Zombie
  • Gary Chambers Jr. … Candy Tosser
  • Lloyd Kaufman … Mitch the Worm

Filming locations:

Iowa and Nebraska

Technical details:

68 minutes

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    1. Ooops, an important omission, especially for Troma fans. Now loads more people will want to see the movie!

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