BABEZILLA VS. THE ZOMBIE WHORDE (2022) Reviews of comedy horror

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Babezilla vs. the Zombie WHorde is a 2022 comedy horror film about a bombshell lizard woman who is trying to prevent an evil pimp from turning innocent women into zombie streetwalkers.

Written, produced, directed and edited by Andrew J Chambers (Grindsploitation 10: Milkin’ It segment ‘Hell Hoe Dolly’; After School Lunch Special 2: Sloppy Seconds; After School Lunch Special).

The HojBob production stars Stephanie Love, Kevin Heesacker, Erik Luna, Dane-Mychal Marvin, Gora Chand Saha and Joseph William Simmons.

” …a film that delivers to the t on the promise of its title, it’s silly, it’s sexy, there’s plenty of nudity, the lead actress is very good-looking, it has a wonderful low budget genre movie aura to it, and even if not all the jokes are exactly high brow or hit their marks even, it’s still wildly amusing, to make this one just tons of fun to watch.” Search My Trash

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