KELAM (2019) Indonesian horror


Kelam [“Dark”] is a 2019 Indonesian supernatural horror feature film about a little girl who has a heart replacement and is haunted by the donor.

Written, produced and directed by Erwin Arnada (Tusuk Jelangkung di Lubang Buaya; Nini Thowok; writer of Jelangkung 3), the Open Door Films production stars Aura Kasih, Giselle Tambunan, Rina Hasyim and Amanda Manoppo (Bisikan Iblis; Sejan).


Kelam is released in Indonesia by MD Pictures on 24 October 2019

Cast and characters:

  • Aura Kasih … Nina
  • Giselle Tambunan … Sasha
  • Rina Hasyim … Dewi
  • Amanda Manoppo … Fenny

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