Sajen – Indonesia, 2018 – preview

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Sajen is a 2018 Indonesian supernatural horror feature film about a dead schoolgirl’s spirit that seeks vengeance for her bullying.

Directed by Hanny Saputra (Bisikan Iblis; The Real Pocong; Mirror) from a screenplay written by Haqi Achmad (Rasuk 2; Tabu: Mengusik Gerbang Iblis), the Kharisma Starvision Plus PT movie stars Amanda Manoppo (Bisikan Iblis; Kelam), Stefhani Zamora Husen, Chantiq Schagerl and Rachel Amanda.


The existence of three holy offerings at Pelita Bangsa High School is a mystery. Rumours suggested the offerings were an attempt by the school to calm the spirits of students who had committed suicide because they were victims of bullying.

Alanda (Amanda Manopo) attempts to break the chain of bullying in schools. Unlike other students who resigned when Bianca (Steffi Zamora), Davi (Jeff Smith) and popular gangs acted with no inhibitions, Alanda dared to fight back. Alanda’s mission makes two of her best friends, Riza (Angga Yunanda) and Keyra (Chantiq Schagerl) worried.

One night, Alanda is framed and in a fit of depression, she commits suicide. However, her inner anger has made her spirit seek revenge on those who destroyed her.

Cast and characters:

  • Amanda Manoppo … Alanda
  • Stefhani Zamora Husen … Bianca
  • Chantiq Schagerl … Keyra
  • Rachel Amanda … Ratu
  • Aliff Alli … Arka
  • Nova Soraya … Ibu Alanda
  • Alfie Alfandi … Bapak Riza
  • Virnie Ismail … Bunda Riza
  • Minati Atmanegara … Bu Tanya
  • Otig Pakis … Mang Husen
  • Ricky Perdan … Pak Arman
  • Afdhal Yusman … Ayah
  • Ananta Rispo … MC Prom Night
  • Vitta Mariana Barrazza … Guru fisika
  • Jordan Lewandowski … Nino

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