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The Village in the Woods is a 2019 British horror feature film directed by Raine McCormack (short: I Shall Visit), making his feature debut, from a screenplay co-written with John Hoernschemeyer. The Brake3 production stars Beth Park, Robert Vernon, Therese Bradley and Robert Hope.


When a young couple from the wrong side of the tracks decides to take on an inheritance fraud job in Coopers Cross, a remote, murky village, little do they know that they have accepted a fate far darker than they could ever have imagined…

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“The film was indeed beautifully atmospheric. From foggy roads and eerily woody surroundings to terrifying flashbacks and a derelict pub that has seen better centuries, The Village in the Woods is a tense 82 minutes of unease and slow-burning horror.” Addicted to Media

“With a wonderful neo-noir feel to the production, capped off with its eerie original score, the film is a fully enjoyable watch for anyone that loves old-school horror with a kiss of mystery […] Darkly unsettling with Cimmerian atmospherics, The Village in the Woods is perfectly suited to October viewing.” Cryptic Rock

“Where it does score points is in overall atmosphere, helped by a moody score which avoids string synthesising the thing to death and is confident in its use of quiet moments (very rare in low budget movies these days): there are also some nicely done woozy sequences where you’re not really sure what’s real or not…” Dark Eyes of London

The Village in the Woods is a deviant slow burn with just enough horror to satisfy you this Halloween, even if it gets a bit muddled along the way. With the leaves changing and the air getting a bit chillier, this is a good film to keep on your radar when it gets released near you.” Film Inquiry

“It is chilling, creepily atmospheric, and makes wonderful use of the haunting scenery. The acting is good and the characters are quite enjoyable. I particularly enjoyed Charles and Maddy, who barely try to mask their evil natures though good English manners and thinly-veiled charm.” Nevermore Horror

“The inn itself is almost its own character as the actors are constantly having to push past each other in its narrow rooms and hallways. These cramped quarters lend additional oppressive weight to the slow pacing of the film. Under another director’s eye, this place may have appeared quaint and cozy but in McCormack’s vision, it is a little slice of hell on earth.” Nightmare on Film Street

“Overall this is a horror that does rely on the atmosphere, which is almost a character by itself and keeps us feeling uneasy for the most part, reflecting just how the village is making the new couple feel.” Ready Steady Cut!

” …with what would appear to be a fairly restricted budget, this is a damn good effort. There are some nice practical make-up effects, limited use of VFX […] and a solid cast that draws you into the story in the same way that Jason and Rebecca are drawn to the village.” Set the Tape

“There are some daft plot contrivances along the way, the film is twenty minutes too short and the rushed ending is underpowered compared to an earlier flashback reveal. But as a kind of grotesque mash-up of Escape to the Country and Rosemary’s Baby, The Village in the Woods is a film that it’s difficult not to warm to.” Starburst

“This was great fun, piles of atmosphere and off-kilter in all the right places. It also felt quintessentially British. It really didn’t need those couple of Christianity nodding moments as it works as a pure fae inspired piece.” Taliesin Meets the Vampires


The Village In The Woods is available on Digital Download from 14th October 2019 via streaming platforms. 4Digital Media releases the film in the USA on VOD, Digital HD And DVD on January 19, 2021.

Director Raine McCormack said: “This is my dark, love letter to 70’s cinema and I’m really excited to finally share this unique, atmospheric folk-horror.”

Peter Thompson, Director of Sales & Acquisitions at Lightbulb Film Distribution, added: “We are absolutely thrilled to be releasing The Village in the Woods; it’s dark, it’s unsettling and it’s utterly compelling. Also, (the usually loveable) Richard Hope is unlike you’ve ever seen him before!”

Cast and characters:

Richard Hope … Charles- Poldark; Doctor Who; Possession (short)
Rebecca Johnson … Emily
Therese Bradley … Maddy
Robert Vernon … Jason
Phill Martin … The Beast – Cannibals and Carpet Fitters
Sidney Kean … Arthur
Alexander Thom … Jenny
Timothy Harker … Vince
Beth Park … Rebecca
Chloe Bailey … Anna

Filming locations:

The New Inn, East Sussex, England
Edells Estate, Kent, England

Technical details:

82 minutes

Film Facts:

The film’s working title was Harbour.

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