5 GALAXIES aka A.I. TALES (2018) Reviews and overview


‘Will mankind survive?’

5 Galaxies is a 2018 American science-fiction anthology feature film that presents interlocking, futuristic tales about space, technology, and family.

Directed by Kristen Hilkert, Nelson Lee, Amir Reichart and Vitaly Verlov, the movie is a collection of four shorts:

  • Seed – In a dystopian future, a man celebrates his 40th and last birthday.
  • In/Finite – A woman accepts a job far away from home.
  • Phoenix 9 – A bunch of people survive a nuclear war.
  • Redux – A man learns to deal with a time-travelling device.

The movie was originally titled A.I. Tales and then The Five Galaxies and stars Pom Klementieff (Guardians of the Galaxy), Eric Roberts and Neil Jackson (Sleepy Hollow series).


“With all of these pieces, we want more. No question about it. However, keeping the weakest of the four pieces as the closer seems an odd choice. Another problem with this anthology is that, with each story, we know the other shoe will drop. We know there will be a dark twist that demonstrates the cold calculating future that awaits us.” Horror Buzz

“There’s a lot of sadness and despair, throughout. Expect a drama, first, with touches of science-fiction and horror, which means a lot of this film resides in dialogue, emotion and basic life struggle projected in distant futures. It doesn’t make it bad, but it makes it slow and intense.” Tales of Terror


5 Galaxies will be available on DVD and Digital on December 10th 2019 from Uncork’d Entertainment.

Cast and characters:

  • Pom Klementieff … Cat
  • Eric Roberts … Tailored Man
  • Neil Jackson … Len
  • Cynthia Kirchner … A. I.
  • Nelson Lee … Nathan
  • Russell Dennis Lewis … Ben
  • Ashlee Mundy … Jane
  • Peter Alton … Pete
  • Marcus Brandon … Mac Cole
  • Mike Davies … Douglas
  • Paden Fallis … Paden
  • Russell Bradley Fenton … Scientist
  • Kalen J. Hall … Jayden Jaxon
  • Nora Huetz … Sarah
  • Lawrence Kao … Jack
  • Stephen Laferriere … Victor
  • Joshua Mac … Ethan
  • Jordan Mosley … Trooper 1
  • R.J. Pisani … Bobby
  • Corey Rieger … Gus
  • Ryan Shogren … Ryan
  • Ben Simonetti … Ben
  • Aaron Smallwood Jr. … Syd
  • Douglas Stirling … Ruddy
  • Christian Williams … Christian
  • Stephen John Williams … Trooper 2